Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Intel Knuckles Under...Of Course

When Intel withdrew advertising from gamasutra, in deference to their actual customers, I knew it would be a very temporary thing indeed.

Intel is publicly traded and that means a lot of New York money.  And that always comes with strings attached.  Gamergate supporters are extremely unfashionable on Mercer Street.

An act of contrition on Intel's part was inevitable.

And what an act it was! This was full on Busby Berkeley extravaganza of political submission and repentance.

"During his keynote speech at the Consumer Entertainment Show last night, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced that Intel intends to invest $300 million into “workplace diversity” for their U.S. workforce, noting the low percentages of (non-Asian) minorites and women in the current Intel workforce.  Intel also intends to partner with a number of groups to accomplish this, including Feminist Frequency and the International Game Developers Association."

The peasants below the balcony, scooping the baksheesh off the courtyard are the usual suspects plus an old new one.  Make no mistake Intel is taking a very, very deliberate public swipe at GamerGate.

"The International Game Develops Association, the one-time host of Randi Harper’sAuto-GG Blocklist which sloppily targeted one of their own members.
The E-Sports League, recently put in the spotlight by ESPN’s lazy hitpiece on #GamerGate.
—The National Center for Women and Information Technology, home to many programs for women to create just terrible games that no one will buy but Polygon and Kotaku will write about.
—The CyberSmile Foundation, who legitimately believes that the cyberbullying threat is real, much to the chagrin of people who have actually been bullied in real life.
—Feminist Frequency, because people who make poorly-researched, politically-motivated YouTube videos will somehow help.
Rainbow PUSH, a non-profit headed by Jesse Jackson when he’s not fanning the flames in Ferguson."

Intel is by and large owned by institutional investors.  By their nature these institutions are center left.  They are very dependent on favorable treatment by a large government.  Sympathetic perception of interests was unavoidable, making an Anti-Gamer stance all but inevitable.

On top of that GamerGaters are absolute pikers at political pressure, compared to SJWs.  The Socialist Justice Warriors have a well established template for crushing institutional dissent.  Their contact lists were auto dialed the second Intel pulled it's ads.  They hardly had to do anything at all. Looking at the list of the people getting Intel loot, it seems as if a Social Justice bot was  functioning on pre-programmed reflex.

Honestly how else did Rainbow PUSH get anything out of this shakedown?  Finder's fee maybe?  I'm honestly curious.

Regardless, so far as Intel's institutional investors were concerned, it looked very much like the SJWs had a much bigger stick with which to beat Intel.  And of course banker's wives were undoubtedly Anti-GamerGate to start with.  Feminist caterwauling not withstanding, that still makes quite a difference.

Don't loose your shit over it.  This was a loss, that was always going to happen.  We were fighting on very bad terrain.  The only reason we did as well as we did, was that we had sympathy from within Intel itself.

Those guys run the company but they don't own it.

 All right time to move on.

Intel is now officially Anti-GamerGate.  Which means GamerGate can no longer support Intel.

So be it.  If Intel's owners think Intel is now so big it doens't actually need to have customers they will have to be proven wrong.

At least WE don't hate you

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