Friday, January 16, 2015

Feminists Describe The Red Pill

“It is not who you are.  It is who they think you are.”  --Ambassador Joseph Kennedy Sr.

"The Red Pill is, for all intents and purposes, what happens when the pick-up community decides that it hates women."  --Doctor Nerdlove

It’s always a good idea to find out what your self professed enemies think of you and who knows they might have a point.  A while back, I came to the conclusion that a lot of the troubles I had during my Omega days were due to the fact that I was an asshole.  Obvious in retrospect.
With that in mind I will now explore what feminists think of the Red Pill with an open mind and a willingness to accept honest criticism with integrity and to adjust my own views if intrinsic flaws are revealed.  


Well that didn’t take long.

I didn’t even come close to having a “is what I believe wrong?” moment. It turns out you can’t learn anything about yourself from other people, if they are lying about you.

Most of the articles were the standard maoist wordsalad blather.  Misogyny, Patriarchy and Male Privilege as usual were the big favorites. All though “get sex” showed up a hell of a lot too, Andrea Dworkin being the mother of that hideously tragic, misshapen child called, third wave feminism.

A quick couple of samples of the smorgasbord of demon-crazy that is the feminist mind attempting to describe the Red Pill.

This article by Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon is as concise as it is propagantastic.

I wasted hours reading through threads

I spent ten minutes scanning until offended.

about pickup techniques, evil ex-wives and how to avoid paying child support. What I learned is that it all comes down to something really pretty simple:

I’m sure you learned nothing, so it was undoubtedly simple.

the toxic belief that sex is something that men must get from women.

Cataline takes a shot. 

Wrong. Of course you can’t build on a false premise, until you have to have the false premise.

It’s part of why men have been trying to control women’s sexuality since always.

Its true that Muslim fathers have been trying to to do that for centuries largely without success.  However the men of western civilization have completely given up, on that doomed to fail project. 

Changing these men starts with

Reeducation, right? 

Did I win?  What'd I win?

fixing that mentality,


which is by no means limited to the “manosphere”

Yeah, since it’s not here to begin with.

just look at the Hobby Lobby decision.

Huh!?! I presume that's non-non-sequitur if you're a feminist.

TheRedPill mentality is both marginal and completely culturally entrenched.

It is both nothing and everything. Both anything and one thing else. Both chicken and egg. Both Bugs and Daffy.

Honestly dipshit. It can only be one or the other, it can’t logically be both.

The articles were ALL like this.

Heavy on feeling. Zero on semantic content.

The only piece I had to fire any neurons at, all was by Dr. Nerdlove. 

Dr. Nerdlove is a PUA who collects a paycheck from Gawker.  (Okay I’ll wait for you to stop laughing) He appears to have successfully applied some PUA methods in his life and studied many, many more. But he staunchly maintains the feminist view point.  This is not unheard of for a man whose identity is very, very strongly based in left wing political ideology.  He might even be able to maintain this fundamental dichotomy, even if he wasn’t getting paid by Kotaku.  

Although he sure as fuck won't be getting a paycheck from them for long if he ever stops.

Anyway he published a cri de coeur from a feminist who's brother had taken the Red Pill and wanted to “cure” him. Hear now the tale of Sad Sis,

My brother’s gotten caught up in the Red Pill Philosophy. It’s a mindset that shows up a lot in the nether regions of the internet

Welcome to the nether regions!

that’s basically a mix of PUA and Men Going Their Own Way, but with a lot more violent misogyny.

Cataline's note to Cataline, submit article to ROK:  4 Ways to Properly Beat Your Women

Some their “dating” advice is basically descriptions of abusive relationships.

Presumably any relationship where the woman isn’t in complete control

They claim to not hate women and focus on self improvement, but believe men must establish control/dominance over the women in their lives

The two are not incompatible.

in order to “get sex”,

Cataline takes another shot.

and that women are intellectually/morally inferior to men. Many people recognize that this mindset is very dangerous,

Keyword: dangerous.  Not wrong.  Not verifiable false. It's "dangerous."

but all criticism from women and feminist men only makes fun of their more extreme points rather than offering an alternative to men and boys that are frustrated.

I ask because I want something to offer men my age and younger when they say acting “alpha” is their only way to get the relationship they want.

She isn’t going to offer one either she’s just going to moan for a bit.

The issue affects me personally. My parents have a feminist marriage...Their marriage is sexless...

I can't come up with a joke that makes this any funnier.

... My brother, who also had a long time crush on a female friend that was not reciprocated, “took the red pill” two years ago. He eventually got a girlfriend...which “proved” red pill worked.

In some ways red pill did make him more attractive. He started exercising, eating better, improving his style and hygiene, expanding his social circle, and actually asking girls out.

Normal result of the Red Pill

However, he became a massive asshole in the process.

Also normal

He believed wholeheartedly in the “alpha fux/beta bux” model” where men who are “beta” will only ever be hated and used by women, a model which our parents seem to fit.

Light years off.  This doesn't begin to fit the beta bux model at all but there is no hope of explaining that to a feminist.

He believed that all women are the same, that women are only good for sex and babies, that all women are too emotional/unreliable to vote, lead, or work.

Hmmm he’s starting to sound more like a caricature, than an actual human male.  She is a feminist, so it should not automatically be assumed that she is telling the truth.  

Sorry feminists this is a thing called EARNING A REPUTATION.

He regularly insulted and talked down to his female friends, and touched them in ways that make them uncomfortable. He also gaslighted my mother and threatened her with a physical attack when he didn’t get what he wanted, since he believed she hated men and was out to get him.

Next idea for ROK article: How to Mind Fuck Mom.  

I’m rather strongly beginning to doubt that her brother is real at this point

One of the popular red pill themes is that men should be dominant over the women in their lives, and sex and sexual acts are the metric of dominance therefore worth as a man.

Okay apparently her “brother” learned about the Red Pill from reading Salon.  Never and I mean never try to take the Red Pill, if it is something you got excited about after reading Salon.

My brother’s girlfriend was a shy, socially awkward girl. She didn’t want to have sex, partly because of her youth and and insecurity, and partly because he was pushing for it too hard.

Victim profile established.  Standby for fake rape.

To “break” her he would ignore and insult her in public, spread rumors about her, and use the more coercive PUA tactics

No, her brother isn’t real.  

An actual Red Pill male would not have established a monogamous but celibate relationship with any girl. Particularly in the first stages of having gone Red Pill, he might keep her around if she was particularly intelligent or amusing which this girl clearly isn't. But he would certainly be seeing other girls as well. Most likely, he would Next her and move on.

Sad sis is portraying her "brother" as being both Red Pill and having oneitis.

One of the popular themes in red pill is the idea that men who want sex should “just go for it”. This is different from sexually escalating: the idea is that women secretly want a man to force them to have sex (because rape fantasies, evo psych, it demonstrates “alphaness”, other bullshit). Eventually my brother decided to “just go for it” with his girlfriend at a party.

At. A. Par-tee.

She had to fight him off and leave the party to get away.

Public rape is a big part of the Red Pill just ask, Jackie.  Make certain your first rape is indeed at a party where there won’t be any privacy at all and your all your many, many dudebros can cheer you on!  Bonus points if there are glass tables involved.

The rest of this is clearly and obviously the kind of bad fiction we’ve all come to expect from feminists. Read it yourself if you’re curious.

Doctor Nerdlove spent several paragraphs performing political cunnilingus on his readers 

Here's a few gems.

In the Red Pill world, it’s true: only certain men get laid: alpha males, According to the Red Pill philosophy, 20% of the men fuck 80% of the women. Don’t worry about the fact that this is mathematically impossible, it feels true and that’s the important part.  

Fun fact.  According to geneticists.  Through out all 80,000 years of our species history. 80% of all the women who have ever lived have reproduced.  Only 40% of men have done so.  

Mathematically it’s quite possible.   I’ve been in parts of the world where that is happening now.

It’s a classic recruitment technique, one used by hate groups for centuries:

There haven’t been hate groups for “centuries.” As bad as history books have gotten, they aren’t that bad yet.  You are lying or stupid Doctor Nerdlove.

The Doctor is intellectually dishonest.  He links exclusively to his own columns, one anti-Red Pill site and troll comments on Redit.

He goes on to logically prove that the Red Pill doesn't work by the magic of, not providing any logical arguments.  

Never bring logic to a rhetoric fight. and he doesn’t.

After doing his dance of progressive male contrition he ends by saying briefly that he recommends counseling for her brother. That was his big fix for the Red Pill.

The rest of the articles were satire without humor. Largely there to attempt golf-clap laughs for a feminist audience. 

Of course we are being lied about. Feminists don't really have any other tools in their tool box.

The simple truth is that the Red Pill is hard to describe but easy to smear.  

In a lot ways it’s like trying to describe colors to a blindman.  There simply isn’t a frame of reference unless you have experienced it.

Although in the case of the Red Pill, it’s like trying to describe colors to a man who insists that he is blind.  When in fact he only has his eyes clamped shut.


jaericho said...

Fun fact. According to geneticists. Through out all 80,000 years of our species history. 80% of all the women who have ever lived have reproduced. Only 40% of men have done so. Mathematically it’s quite possible. I’ve been in parts of the world where that is happening now.

Nerdlove must be a science denier. Why does he hate science?

Cataline Sergius said...

It's worse for him than he realizes. Check out: Red Pill Russia: Hypergamy and Polygynous Cads Unleashed in the Early Soviet Union