Wednesday, December 31, 2014

From Nickelodeon: the Children's Network Where the Boy-Cow Has Udders

Avatar: The Legend of Korra Continues

Book 7: The Book of Bed Death

Opening shot. Text appears: THIRTY YEARS HAVE PASSED. Flute music plays as a sweeping long shot slowly proceeds through the streets of Republic City. 'My melons' guy is now a barker outside of strip club called, Melons. Gangs of bender kids are having a rumble over drug turf.  Mako and Bolin are shaking down a pimp for protection money. The President of the City is giving an impassioned speech to the backs of his police force.

Shot finally settles on an upscale condo in a renovated row house. Through the window we see Korra and Asami. Both have gained forty pounds and wear pixie bobs but no make up. They are surrounded by rescue cats as they sit staring at each other across across an unused game of Go.

Korra (unsmiling): So what do you want to do tonight?

Asami :(unsmiling): I dunno. What do you want to do?

Korra :(unsmiling): I dunno. What do you want to do?

Asami :(unsmiling): I dunno. What do you want to do?

Korra :(unsmiling): I dunno. What do you want to do?

Out of political submission the writers of Korra made the sequel to avatar the last Air Bender, a girl. Nick was going for teen based and girl friendly market. (*Thanks Miley!*)  So naturally they wanted a lot of angst and romance.

Angst was no problem. A teenage girl who has to save the world is going to be plenty angsty. Fine that would work

But romance presents a rather serious problem for Korra because she is the most powerful being in her world.

Generic Cute Boy: Gee Korra, I sure am not threatened by the fact that, I am not remotely stronger than you in any conceivable way, even though I am an Alpha in every other aspect of my life.

Korra: (*grins*)

No matter what they tried, the writers knew it wasn't working. They had blundered on to the Wonder Woman issue. No man is going to be able take her in his arms and possess her completely. It just isn't possible. And that of course is what every woman wants.

Even as lost and Beta-male ridden as these writers were, even they knew deep down they had a major problem. No one was buying Korra’s romances.

Xena had the same problem and they went with the same solution. Tappert and company finally decided to stop bothering with the string of hidden lesbian jokes, gave Gabrielle a pixie bob and had them play it to speak.

Wonder Woman has had the same problem for her entire fictional life and I anticipate the same solution. Warner Brothers isn't’ feeling that brave enough yet but it will happen.*

Sadly no such luck for Korra. No man was worthy of her, so they settled for a girl. Korra was too powerful for any man and they knew it.

There was every reason for Korra to need a female friend. Women need women friends. It’s damn near a physiological need. You can’t really develop them as characters without them. And the relationship they came up with worked in context. The insecure back country girl and beautiful big city sophisticate.

There was however no reason whatsoever, to make them lesbians lover because and I don't know how to state it more clearly than this. Niether Korra nor Asami were ever depicted as lesbians.

That vibe was not at all there.

From the producers blog:

No, not everyone is queer, but the other side of that coin is that not everyone is straight. The more Korra and Asami’s relationship progressed, the more the idea of a romance between them organically blossomed for us.
Beta. Fucking. Projection

It's inconceivable that friendship with a good looking girl doesn't turn into romance. That's the only way, one of them can hope to get the girl. So naturally, that's how the girl gets the girl.

We did it for all our queer friends, family, and colleagues. It is long over due that our media (including children’s media) stops treating non-heterosexual people as nonexistent, or as something merely to be mocked. I’m only sorry it took us so long to have this kind of representation in one of our stories.

Oh, for God’s sake quit pretending you are being fucking brave instead of artistic PC submissive sellout!

These guys live in a bubble where there will be nothing but a non-stop SJW squee fest over this. Their careers aren’t even slightly at risk. They have taken no chances at all. There was never the slightest risk of negative consequences for this.

A few prog blog comments and they rolled over and greased themselves up for the SJW prog Machine and smiled when it was turned on.

Well the Xena/Gabrielle/Willow fans now have a show they can watch with their non-existent kids. And I of course am now stuck with mine watching the unwatchable new Veggietales In the House on Netflix.

*Though at the moment she is seeing Superman so she might be in luck. For values of luck, see, Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex.


L. Jagi Lamplighter Wright said...

I agree on Wonder Woman, the cartoon. She and Batman were perfect! 😊

More when I get home.

Mary MacArthur said...

Batman would be a solution in any case where there was no man more tough and commanding than the woman.

That said, I don't like him with Wonder Woman, mainly because I don't like Wonder Woman. ~_^

Cataline Sergius said...

They have learned nothing.

Supergirl is the newest show with the same problem.

The pity of it was they had some good ideas there. The problem is the bad ones smothered them.