Monday, November 10, 2014

Season Eight is Done...Thank God

Well another season of Doctor Who is done.  There was good and bad this time.

The Good: P Caps has settled nicely into his role as the Doctor.  Definitely a throw back to William Hartnel.  I have no idea if the ratings have suffered for this or not.  A lot of DW's fan base was used to a young hawt Doctor.

The Bad:  The writing was very uneven.  Really good lines here and there.     Characterization was frankly stilted.  The plotting was also uneven.  A lot of good twists, particularity the Doctor as a frightened little boy in the Barn.   On the other hand there was A LOT of Dues Ex Machina.  It was lazy and Moffet can do better.

The Ugly:   Danny Pink.  The idea was understandable Peter Capaldi can't really do the actions scenes at his age, so bring in a a younger actor for those.  A hard man who is good in a fight.  A career soldier. Samuel Anderson was just badly cast in the part. Idris Elba he will never be.  Way too puppy eyed and way too natural at sobbing on camera.  The character frankly was just difficult to like.  Clara and Danny were never going to he the new Amy and Rory.

I'm glad Moffet figured that one out.


jaericho said...

I agree with you on all points. Altho' even Clara was starting to grate on me especially when she would out-Doctor the Doctor. I liked Moffet's style and story when he started out, but each new season of his doesn't quite measure up to the previous one. I think Moffet needs to find a new style or he needs to go.

I'm glad Idris Elba didn't play Danny because if he did, I'd like him more than the Doctor.

Cataline Sergius said...

Firsties to you my man! You are the first commenter here.

Moffet is good but it is time for him to let go of his dream job.

The truth about any dream job is this; that job will only ever have about a five year peak for you.

After that you are taking up space.

You will always, "never be same man you were five years ago."