Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Consent Is Sexy HAHAHAHAHA (*wheez wheez*) HAHAHAHAHA

Consent is sexy  is a new campaign to designed to try and make California's new, "Affirmative Consent" law look slightly less ridiculous than it actually is.

From the article:
It isn’t always an easy sell. Today, as it was decades ago, the butt of the joke is the awkward formality of the ask. Sayda Morales co-founded All Students for Consent at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Wash., last year. She hears from students: “Do I have to ask if I can move one inch closer? Do I have to ask if I can move my left hand one inch on their buttocks?”


Gentlemen, Victoria's Secret is proud to present Anti-boner granny panties.

But it doesn’t have to take on the air of a contract signing, she tells them. When she stands in front of the freshman class, she tries to keep the conversation light. “Consent is necessary,” she says, “and it’s fun.”
Getting consent should be just one part of a frank conversation about what is and isn’t O.K. during sex, she says, and can enhance the sexual experience rather than stifle it.

Problem!  Women who say, no, when they really mean, yes, yes, yes.
The simple truth of the matter is, no matter how much they want to have sex. Explicitly requiring permission will diminish sexual energy for a woman.  
The words, "we are not having sex tonight," are honey to the ears of the experienced Alpha.  Because it is womanese for, I would really, really like to have sex with you tonight but I know that to state so explicitly significantly lowers my social standing and potential marital value because if it was easy for you it was easy for everyone else.  Now would you kindly ignore what just said and go for my tit after three more minutes of kissing.
The Alpha male is by his nature dominant.  Calmly and masterfully assertive.  The woman is secure in this, she feels desirable, desired and above all safe in his arms.  She achieves Yin fulfillment.
There is no way in hell that you can turn sex into a game of "mother may I" and maintain sexual energy.

I have to admire the genius of it.  It is the ultimate triumph of the man hating Feminist ("all sex is rape") Dworkinite. It requires any man who is about to have sex, to submit to a major fitness test and he is legally required to fail that test.  
It is the ultimate cock block.
And it's only purpose is to allow Social Justice Warriors to regulate the most personal act there is.

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