Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Great Plague

The Game is Up for Climate Change Believers

There was one thing that Moore missed however.  The great cancer of the twenty-first century...

What people like me generally don't get, is that <i>liberal guilt is a very real emotion.</i>  It eats at them constantly.

Humans are built to shamble around in troops of 50 to maybe 250.  Socially we were never really built for any number higher than that.

If I, cave-dude, Oog don't take the two seconds necessary to help cave-dude Thaag get up into the tree with me and away from the Big-Long-Tooth-Cat, then our troop is weakened. If I give a mastodon roast to Grrog's family when they need it, then our troop is stronger. Teamwork wasn't a nice thing, it was a life sustaining thing.  Guilt was a critically necessary, survival trait under those circumstances.

Guilt is of no use, whatsoever when you are driving down the street in a high end krautmobile and there on the corner is human scarecrow holding up a piece of cardboard with special pleading on it.

Christian's have obligations for personal charity that alleviate that guilt.  If money doesn't matter to you anymore, then time does, so haul your ass down to the soup kitchen and start ladling.

But what happens when you have eliminated Christianity from your life?  How do you deal with that constant, crushing, all consuming guilt then?

You invent a new religion.  Complete with liturgies, rituals and an unattractive priesthood cursing you from the pulpit for your sins and wickedness.

But instead of God judging you, it's Groupthink.

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