Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ban Bossy...Or At Least Shrill

Sandberg Paraphrased: Girls Are Afraid to Lead

Not much here that is new.  But it is interesting when properly filtered.

First of all the Ban Bossy campaign is simply laying the ground game for Hillary's run for the presidency.   Being a shrill bitch is her biggest minus because it is her biggest truth. You only have to be in the same room with her for five minutes and it's obvious.  She's been with us since 1991.

No getting around it.  The simple truth is that our future President (God please, no) has always been shrewish.  It is simply a part of her nature.  She has no desire whatsoever to change her nature.  She and her long time toadies, views it as strength of character.

It isn't.  It is pretty much the opposite of strength of character when you really look at it.


Women operate on a herd mentality.  This is one of the Red Pill's biggest unspeakable truths.  The herd maybe lead by the Alpha Male stallion but the herd is maintained by the Alpha Mares.  Think of it as the difference between a company Skipper and his First Shirt.  The Skipper's focus is outward protecting his unit against outward threats, the First Sergeant's inward maintaining order and discipline.  Alpha stallion leads but without the Alpha mare maintaining the herd he would have nothing to lead.

Now here is the really huge question:  How is the Alpha Mare selected?

How does a woman become a leader of other women?

This is probably the key question of our time.

Our civilization is off the rails.  If you found your way here, you know that.  You may disagree with every single other thing that I say and believe  but you don't question that our civilization is failing. You know that.

Women as a group are responsible.

Yeah, harsh I know.  Truth always is.

Of the two sexes available to our race, theirs is the only one truly capable of groupthink.

Women and only women decide what is desirable in a man.  Men adjust to these flights of fashion, as automatically as beavers build a dam.

In the 1950's women wanted men to be Cary Grant, so men (to the extent genetics would allow) became Cary Grant.  That was a good deal.

In 2014 women want men to be Justin Bieber.  Easy to adjust downward but going from Cary Grant to Justin Bieber is a shitty deal.  A civilization where the men are Cary Grants will thrive, one where they are Justin Biebers must perish.

How do women decide who will lead women?  Who will decide what the Groupthink will be?

There appear to be two paths to power for a woman.

The first is dignatas.  Her station in life, whether inherited or earned.  Her achievements. Her honor.  Her personal authority.

The second is the most common in the past fifty years, to be bossy as hell.  To be an absolutely shrill bitch.  Constantly in everyones face.  The eternal shrieking harpy, ordering everyone to respect her authority every on every rung of the ladder.  The female Eric Cartman.

Which one is Hillary.  You decide.

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