Monday, February 10, 2014

Wonder Woman's Hypergamy Problem

We have a new Wonder Woman.  A fashionably undernourished one.  Gal Gadot.  Replacing the equally miscast Adrienne Palicki, who had a failed pilot last year.

"The CW is giving Wonder Woman another go, possibly, with Amazon. “I’m sad we didn’t get to do it but I do believe it can work for The CW. They’re smart to try it,” - David Kelly

CW does not appear to be pursing this after all.  Apparently we are to be spared mopey, angsty Wonder Woman.

I would still have to go with original TV Wonder Woman.

Lynda Carter was well cast as Wonder Woman.  Not for her abilities as an action star, she was hilariously bad at on screen fighting.  Not for her acting either because alas she could not.  No Lynda Carter was the best Wonder Woman of all time for one reason.  

She had no sex appeal. No intrinsic allurement.  Don't get me wrong, she had a killer a body but on screen she seemed more asexual than Sheldon Cooper.  The sparks never flew...with anyone...ever.  She just didn't come across as interested.

That totally worked for Wonder Woman.  

Her sexuality has always been a problem.  Until recently, you could still dance around the fact that for three thousand years Diana lived on an island populated solely by women.  Not anymore.  Did Wonder Woman first find love or at least sexual release in the arms of another woman?

No-no! Apparently not.  

DC/Warner rushes to assure us and stoutly maintains that; A. She did not 'experiment.' B. she's straight and C (prime). 'interested.'  Which presents the problem of feminine hypergamy.  What man can Wonder Woman look up to?

Steve Trevor? A decent enough fellow.  A rather desirable Alpha on the surface but face it, he was Lois Lane without the tits.  Who could expect Wonder Woman to be attracted to an idiot, she has to keep rescuing.  Aquaman was briefly tried (snort).  An updated Steve Trevor who was black and worked for the UN, (sigh).  Then Diana relentless branch swinging flung her to Batman.

Of course it didn't work out.  No one will ever buy Wonder Woman taking an interest in a man if he doesn't have super powers. In her world, no super powers = Beta.

Recently DC Comics gave up altogether and just had her start dating Superman.  

Superman's...uh...romantic difficulties  were covered in Larry Niven's classic; Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex.  Enough said.  So really for him it's either Diana or Supergirl*

If this was the grand culmination of a fiery passion that had been building for decades that would be one thing.  But it's not. It looks like a 'friends with benefits' relationship that hooked up because there was no one else available.

Not super. Not wonderful.  Just sad.

* Being first cousins has always been the stated impediment to their being more than friends.  Odd considering they are the last two members of their species. I mean if you are Superman be glad that; A. Kara's hot and B. not your sister.  Neither of them really has a lot of choice here. Sure, Lex is going to make alot of hillbilly jokes. But come on, survival of the race. It's big picture time here kids.

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