Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sexual Harresment is the Right of Every Gamma Male

That was supposed to be the deal wasn't it?

The winds of what the New York Post calls Pervnado continue to gather strength, carving a hole through the beta male worlds of NPR, PBS, Hollywood, the New Republic, Vox, the New York Times, and MSNBC, among others. What emerges from this storm of scandal is a clearer picture of a culture that trained men not to respect women but to respect feminism. In many ways, the Beta Male sexual harasser is the squalid offspring of the unhappy marriage between feminism and the sexual revolution, from whose chaotic household he learned virtue-signaling without virtue.

The growing pile of confession notes — which combine ostensible empathy and promises of sensitivity and submission with strategically placed, lawyerly denials — testifies to the grimly comic dishonesty of the Beta Male sexual harasser. He thought that he could continue to indulge his appetites as long as he adjusted his attitudes, a view that all of the prattle about “systemic change” confirms him in, insofar as it treats his misbehavior as an ideological problem rather than a moral one. Implied in many of the confession notes from the harassers is the ludicrous suggestion that with a little more “education,” with a few more training seminars, with a little more consciousness-raising, they would have behaved virtuously. This pose allows them to escape moral responsibility and painlessly join the “solution.” The sexual revolution’s massive crisis of unchastity is thus turned into a “problem of power” that can be remedied by the hiring of more female executives, the expansion of HR departments, and “better” education.

For sheer pomposity, perhaps nothing beats Richard Dreyfuss’s non-apology apology, chalking up his misbehavior to the “performative masculine man my father had modeled for me to be.” But, no worries, he is enlightened now: “I have had to redefine what it means to be a man, and an ethical man. I think every man on Earth has or will have to grapple with this question. But I am not an assaulter.”

Al Franken, trading in the therapeutic, I-stand-ready-to-listen babble of his SNL character Stuart Smalley, says he is going to commit himself anew to believing “women’s experiences.” Never mind that he denied his accuser’s experience. He doesn’t “remember the rehearsal for the skit as Leann does,” but women “deserve to be heard, and believed.” For this act of blatantly dishonest and contradictory atonement, he is receiving praise for his “honesty” and now — in a reminder that feminism will always put politics ahead of the protection of women — a concerted effort is underway to save his career. Thirty-six women from Saturday Night Live have penned a letter saying that his behavior “was stupid and foolish” but that shouldn’t detract from his status as “an honorable public servant.” Michelle Goldberg, writing in the New York Times, says that she is hedging on her call for the ouster of Franken, offering this look into the quality of her reasoning: “It’s easy to condemn morally worthless men like Trump; it’s much harder to figure out what should happen to men who make valuable political and cultural contributions, and whose alleged misdeeds fall far short of criminal.

I ran across an article not too long ago that featured a college professor offering up this nugget of bullshit

“From those four distal expectations come the proximal attitudes and behaviors, like ‘I deserve to have access to women’s bodies,’” he explains.

"Deserve." A rather interesting choice of word don't you think?  "Deserve," as in I have earned this. This is my right.

I said all the things I was supposed to say about how important feminism was.  I retweeted until my fingers bled.  I clapped along when I heard women chanting, "no means, no.  Whatever I wear, wherever I go!" I donated money to feminist causes.  I voted for women.  I made rude comments to men you who said who attractive a women walking by is.   I supported the right of women to have sex with whoever they want without being married.

The deal is that they are supposed to find me sexually attractive now and they don't!  It's not fair!  I've paid for my indulgence!  I've earned a right to sex with attractive women! I deserve access to women's bodies!

Gamma Males were told that if they supported feminism then straight women in their early twenties would behave like gay men in their late forties.  There was the implied promise that if they did their part some of that freely available sex would finally come their way.  They have paid for their indulgence so they may sin without guilt.

The problem of course is that Gender's Studies Departments do not get a vote in what men or women find sexually attractive. 

The average SUCCESSFUL  pick up artist has much more respect for women than a Gamma Male Feminist is remotely capable of.  We accept women just as they are and will walk away if the chemistry isn't there.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Cataline Recommends...

There was plenty to be disappointed about with Justice League.  The recycled MacGuffin from the last movie.  The fact that "America" had been deleted from Justice League of America.  That Batman's costume looked like a giant foam plushy when Whedon turned up the lighting on a Zack Snyder movie.  And that Lex Luthor is still being played by Jesse Eisenberg despite the fact that he is actually displacing Kevin Costner's Robin Hood as the worst miscasting of all time.

In my case it was dashed hopes on a number of levels that I fully expected to be dashed.  The biggest of which is that it became obvious that despite making Steppenwolf the bad guy, they were going to do nothing with Jack Kirby's Forth World.

For those of you who don't know Jack Kirby a Quick refresher.

He recently came to the attention of those who read Vox Popoli in a an oddly negative way, emphasis on odd.

In SJWs Always Double Down, Vox Day recounts the somewhat bewildering experience of threatened with extreme bodily harm by a man who has been dead since 1994.  When he started his his Freestartr campaign for Alt Hero.  The name Jack Kirby was bandied about repeatedly.  Vox knew almost nothing about him but he did know an SJW trigger when he saw one.  So he said something to the effect of, given the current state of comics Jack Kirby would rather work with me than Marvel.
The resulting hurricane of SJW butthurt was all that he could have hoped for and more.

 You don’t know a f——— thing about Jack Kirby, do you? If he were alive he’d beat your ass for not keeping his name out your damn mouth.

Jack Kirby would have literally beat you to death even in his later years.

Jack Kirby would beat you to death with his bare hands.

Kirby would beat the hell out of you, friend. jack kirby would of wooped your ass and then tell the story for laughs at parties for years

 If Jack Kirby were alive today he’d beat the living s—– out of you without hesitation and burn you a good one with his cigar to boot. “The only real politics I knew was that if a guy liked Hitler, I’d beat the stuffing out of him and that would be it.” —Jack Kirby

(*Day, Vox. SJWs Always Double Down: Anticipating the Thought Police (The Laws of Social Justice Book 2) (Kindle Locations 759-769). Castalia House. Kindle Edition.*)

 Being threatened with assault by a zombie graphic artist was rather amusing to Vox so he had some fun with it but there is a bit more to Kirby then that. 

In truth Kirby could not beat up a well built flea but he was quite capable of lying about how he used to beat up Nazis in street fights during the 1930s.  As well as numerous barroom brawls and boxing matches.  The truth was that unless he was given to beating the infirm and elderly it just wasn't possible.  Little guy attitude is not uncommon in this world and sometimes it can make up the difference but there is a difference between a Jack Russel and a Chihuahua.  The truth is Jack Kirby could never make good on his dreams of physical power, where being in the right is all you need to give a little guy the strength of a dozen men.

Sound familiar?

These dreams of power, strength and energy are what drove Jack Kirby's art.  Jack  Kirby worked hand in hand with Stan Lee during Marvel's Sliver Age.  If Stan Lee gave Marvel it's voice, Jack Kirby gave it vision.  His art work was distinct.

“Kirby’s page layouts of the early 1940s… employed complex quadrilaterals to convey dynamic energy — trapezoids and rhomboids that rarely managed to contain the drama within their bounds.”… “[A] page from the Rawhide Kid catches Kirby at the apex of what we might… call his ‘middle style’… [T]he basic grid is mathematically perfect in its simplicity… [and] The decision to leave the third and sixth panels borderless… is judicious – particularly in the third panel, where the heightened sensation of openness aligns perfectly with the Kid’s sudden realization that he is vulnerable…” - Ben Saunders

“No artist has been a more inspiring model to me, or maintained my interest as long, as Jack Kirby. When I was eight, his Captain America was the most exciting comic ever, and I copied it. At fifty-six, I still puzzle over those damn black dots he draws and how exciting the shimmer of positive and negative tension is within them.” -Jack Badger

For Kirby, the human body is a manifestation or crystallization of finally inexplicable energies—a superbody. [...] What Mesmer called animal magnetism, Reichenbach knew as the blue od, and Reich saw as a radiating blue cosmic orgone becomes in Jack Kirby a trademark energetics signaled by "burst lines" and a unique energy field of black, blobby dots that has come to be affectionately known as the "Kirby Krackle" [...]. The final result was a vision of the human being as a body of frozen energy that, like an atomic bomb, could be released with stunning effects, for good or for evil. These metaphysical energies, I want to suggest constitute the secret Source of Kirby's art.*- Infogalactic

By 1970 a lot of little things that had been bothering Kirby at Marvel came to a head and he left them for DC. At DC he was promised a title that he would have complete control over and that was the Fourth World.

Very hippyish in an awesome comicbook way.  Fourth World was the story Kirby had clearly had in his head for sometime about a grand metaphysical, mythological saga. 

The First World was that of  Búri and Uranus, the Primordial gods created by the birth of the universe.  The Second World was that of the Old Gods and Titans. of Borr and Kronos the sons of the Primordials who overthrew them and ruled if it could be called that in chaos.  The Third World was that of the Aesgardi and the Olympians who overthrew, banished and imprisoned the Titans.  The world of Odin and Zeus.  This world was prophesied to be destroyed in its turn as well.

Note: Kirby sneaked Thor in here.

What came after that war was the Fourth World of the New Gods.  

The story was as big as it was weird.  Huge, dynamic and epic.  A hippy fantasy saga created by someone too old to be a hippy.  It spanned planets and dimensions.  Time and death.  It let a visual artist off a the chain he had been straining against for thirty years. 

I didn't find out about it until it had been out of publication for about ten years.  And then I was in love... I was still a kid so my love is now a little embarrassing to me but it was there.

The eternally warring worlds of Apokolipse and New Genesis and the bizarre gods that ruled over both were amazing to me.  Dark Seid, High Father, Orion, Mister Miracle, Light Ray, Steppenwolf, Granny Goodness (yes, of course she was evil) and the Motherboxes.  I loved all of it.  I suppose that it was because I had discovered them just about the time puberty had come knocking and my life was nothing but powerless frustration and I was looking for any out for it that I could find.  Just like Jack Kirby.  

The New Gods was just a little ahead of it's time.  The audience wasn't there just yet and as a result it was canceled after only two years.  The pantheon was transferred to the regular DC universe where it never quite fits in.  Although Darkseid is a useful bete noire for Superman since he's about the only peer that that the Man of Steel has. 

Kirby did more or less finish his saga, in his indie title Captain Victory, where Kirby's Kryptonite was revealed...dialog.  The man was damn near incoherent when it came to the written word. I mean if it wasn't for the pictures you'd have no idea what the hell was going on. 

New Gods fans have pined for a New Gods movie although the more sensible of us knew it was simply impossible due to the fact that the market is nearly non-existent.  

Which I fear was proven when the only movie close to the New Gods was released.

I've written before about Head Canon

So what is Head-Canon? You ask.


Now, Spiderman's Gwen Stacy is supposed to have had an affair with Norman Osborn and at the time of her murder was carrying his baby.

Head-Canon says, no.  It didn't happen.  Gwen Stacy would never have done that.

The latest James Bond book now has 007 being married to Pussy Galore, who henpecks him mercilessly.

Head-Canon says, no.  It didn't happen. James Bond would not get married to some harridan who keeps his balls in her purse.  Let alone turn into some sad sack who has to sneak cigarettes in the car port.

Captain America is now a Nazi

Head-Canon says, no.  It ain't happening.  Steve Rogers would never do that in a million years.

The Ghostbusters are now women.

Head-Canon says, no.  They aren't.

This is Head-Canon.  You can doubtless come up with quite a few others on your own.  While a company can own the rights and intellectual property of a character.  And I freely grant that they do indeed have the rights of disposal and use thereunto pertaining.  One thing they can not do is rewrite Head-Canon.

In this case, Head Canon says, yes.  Gods of Egypt is the New Gods movie I've wanted to see for years.

Gods of Egypt was trashed by the SJWs for "cultural appropriation"  despite the fact that director was Egyptian and the culture depicted has been dead for two thousand years.  Reviewers knew they couldn't say THAT in a review but also they now had to trash it or face the wrath of the SJW Hivemind.  So they gave it low marks on the basis of nothing in particular.   

You come to places like the Dark Herald for alterante views on things and here's one of them.  Gods of Egypt is good movie.  Not the best of all of time you understand but it is in fact a good movie that got trashed for stupid ass SJW reasons.  Cataline Recommends: Gods of Egypt.  The best New Gods movie that there will never be.

*Whatever the hell that means

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Cataline Critique: Justice League

Yeah, they resurrect Superman
You already knew that

This is a critique not a review so stop reading now if you actually plan to go see this one

By now you know the reviews are bad and guess what? My opinion won't be any different.  Which is a pity because the JLA was my childhood favorite.  I am one of those guys who has been silently rooting for DC to knock my socks off.  My socks are still on.

So first off, was it as bad as Batman Vs Superman?  The answer is no.  It is better than BVS, it does have that going for it.

Next question, was it anywhere near as good at the first Avengers movie?  The answer to that one is the biggest problem with Justice League. You already knew that it couldn't be as good before the film was shot.  Everybody knew it would never measure up.

What drove the Avengers were the characters. Ironman, Captain America and Thor all had their own films which served to paint richly layered personas for the men behind the masks. The fans were invested in the characters they had come to know and love. After these first three films, Marvel was in the fantastic position of having it's fans basically demanding that the studio make The Avengers.

Justice League on the other hand was created to be force fed to movie goers by a studio that has never really had a bone deep handle on the property it owns.   The movie didn't have any indepth characters.  It only had some thumbnail sketches, established with as much cinematic shorthand as possible.  As I've said repeatedly, Warner Brothers gets Bugs Bunny on an instinctive level, they don't have a clue about Superman. Consequently Warner was looking for a man on horseback to lead them boxoffice safety and sadly found Zack Snyder.

A devout Randite Objectivist, Snyder was a terrible choice for helming a project that featured an optimistic, idealistic, hopeful and selfless hero.  Snyder is driven by stoic philosophy with devout atheism at it's core.  It made him a great director for 300 and an okay director for Watchmen.  While Watchmen wasn't a hit but he was true to the story that Moore had written.  Snyder honestly didn't understand Superman, not even a little bit. Jonathon Kent's battlecry was, "don't get involved."  Martha Kent's was, "you don't owe these people a damn thing."  Snyder's Superman reflected those values.  He fought General Zod because he didn't have much choice in the matter.  Sure the visuals were great but these days the visuals are always great.  Man of Steel was as unfeeling as a hunk of metal.

That was carried over into Batman Vs Superman.  Now Snyder was a lot more comfortable with Batman.  In someways he had a better handle on the character than Christopher Nolan did.  Batman actually did a lot Batman stuff.  Sure, he was more homicidal but there is precedent for that with Batman.  Dark and brooding is something Snyder excels at.

Hope and optimism not so much.  In BVS there is a montage scene of Superman saving various people and doing Superman things and all the while the music in the background is a dour, depressing funeral march.  It says a lot about Snyder that he rejected this:

In favor of this:

Glorious and triumphal was replaced with meandering and pointless.

On top of everything else.  Snyder kills off Superman at the end of Batman Vs Superman.  A ridiculously pointless gesture as everyone knew that Superman sure as hell wasn't going to stay dead.  And unless you are telling the story of Easter, when you raise the dead, you jump the shark.  When you make death reversible you kill dramatic tension because nothing is ever really on the line.  Reversing death is the ultimate do-over.

Justice League starts with some kids on a phone video asking Superman a few questions.  Does the S on his chest stand for hope?  That kind of thing.  Then one of them asks Superman what he loves most about Earth.  Superman just looks off in the distance and smiles dreamily.  Not bad but not really all that good either.  That sums up Justice League in a nutshell.

Skipping ahead.

Wonder Woman stops a terrorist attack by the Alt Right who wish to "re-instill fear in the world."  This the second time I've run into this weird theme this year.  I have no idea what the flying hell they are talking about, which is worrying.  Whenever the Left accuses me of doing something that, not only have I not done but don't even understand why I would be doing it, it invariably turns out that they were projecting.

Something to keep an eye on.

Let's see.  Batman runs into weird flying space bug zombies with computer stuff on their faces.  Since he knows that he doesn't have any superpowers and will probably need them.  He runs off to round up the heroes that can do the heavy lifting for him.  Affleck played Batman as being so bone weary and filled with ennui I honestly expected Batman to die at the end of this.  There are a lot of rumors that Affleck wants out of this mess.  I now believe all of them.

Next up is Aquaman.   *sigh* Aquaman... A hero with a some problems.

Okay.  So, image problem.

Also he's White and blonde.

Well no worries there, Warner tells itself, Khal Drogo is still under contract. Jason Momoomomoomoo gets hired to play barbarians a lot.  He's typecast that way.  And he can sell the part so long as he only has to stand there and stare menacingly.   The problem is that there is just a little too much of the Hawiian surfer dude in his voice whenever he opens his mouth.   Ultimately it makes him come across as a petulant rebel without a clue, rather than an untamable force of nature.  And no one likes a rebel without a clue.

Flash was a lot worse.  Snyder went with an autistic Millennial Woody Allen with Daddy Issues.  Flash is traditionally the most lighthearted Justice League's heroes. A socially awkward Jewish kid whinging about his phobias was as close as Snyder was going to get to a funny guy.

Cyborg.  No complaints and none were expected.  Again, a very dour character, so naturally Snyder instinctively  approached him with a light and respectful touch.  Completely on point.

Anyone who saw the Wonder Woman movie and wanted more of the same had better learn to live with disappointment.  She reverted to the same character we saw in BVS.  There was some half hearted flirting with Batman and she remembered to moan about Steve Trevor in passing.  You do get to see her framed so you can see her ass a lot.  I don't object to that.

Easily the weakest character in Justice League is the villain.  In Avengers we had Loki as our first villain.  We got to know him in Thor.  We understood his motivations.  We even sympathized with him just a little.  Loki was a multilayered villain and that went with him when he was transferred to the Avengers.

In Justice League we had generic, scary, bad, fight-man Steppenwolf.  He couldn't have been more cardboard.  I have no idea why they hired Cirian Hinds to chew the scenery with that one, any second year drama undergrad could have handled the part.  He alternately hissed and bellowed his monologues, making me feel bad for Cirian Hinds. There was no investment in the character on the audience's part because none was possible.  He was just that bad.

Superman is clearly the one character that was the most heavily rewritten by Whedon. Much as I hate Joss Whedon, I drastically prefer his version of Superman to Zack Snyder's.  The way you can tell which Man of Steel belongs to which director is if Superman's upper lip looks weird and off putting.  That's because those were Whedon's reshoots.  Henry Cavil had grown a mustache for another movie and he refused to shave it off.  Whedon's Superman was a deliberate reversion to Christopher Reeve's performance and I am perfectly cool with that.  That is the Superman I want.

It's biggest weakness was the plot.  In Batman Vs Superman an alien is using an alien machine to "terraform" the Earth into another version of his home planet.  In Justice League an alien is using an alien machine to "terraform" the Earth into another version of his home planet.  Snyder recycled the same story from the last movie.

The rest you worked out from the trailer. It becomes obvious that Batman's team of heroes can't beat Steppenwolf.  Superman probably could but he's dead.  Since dead Kryptonians are immune to terrestrial decomposition (which actually does make sense when you think about it) Kal-El is perfectly preserved.  All they have to do is figure out a way to MacGuffin him back to life and then have a fight with him, then have him abandon them to go brood.  Then have to go fight generic, scary, bad, fight-man Steppenwolf by themselves.  Almost win then start to lose one by one and when all seems lost...

Da-dada-da Da Da Da
Yes, they brought back the John Williams score which I am also very cool with

Superman almost literally pounds Steppenwolf into the ground.  Pretty much the end.  And you already knew all of that about ten minutes in.  A plot that is that easy to guess is always death to good storytelling.

Was there anything at all I liked about it.  Well there was a lot I liked about it.  It was a perfectly good popcorn burner from about twenty years ago and I do like schlock like ID4.  It's just that I know it's schlock from the get go.

The action scenes are good and Whedon turned the Snyderness way down. The banter worked to a degree. My favorite scene was the fight scene between Superman and the Justice League.  Particularity the part where Flash is revving up to fight Superman and he realizes that for the first time he's gong to have to fight someone is almost as fast as he is and a hell of a lot stronger.

This movie is what it is.  A not terribly original Zack Snyder film that Joss Whedon reworked.  It's an Okay movie, one that is entertaining enough.  It's just not as good as it deserved to be.

Friday, November 17, 2017

What Is Wrong With These People?

“The first time she molested me, I was three. The last time, I was twelve, and able to walk away.

I put Walter in jail for molesting one boy. I had tried to intervene when I was 13 by telling Mother and Lisa, and they just moved him into his own apartment.

I had been living partially on couches since I was ten years old because of the out of control drugs, orgies, and constant flow of people in and out of our family “home.”
None of this should be news. Walter was a serial rapist with many, many, many victims (I named 22 to the cops) but Marion was far, far worse. She was cruel and violent, as well as completely out of her mind sexually. I am not her only victim, nor were her only victims girls.” – Moira Greyland”

You didn't have to look hard to find IT.

IT was everywhere in that decade.

Everything that came out 1970s was intrinsically diseased.  The fashions, the music, the literature, the art, the home life, the dreams...and of course and especially...the sex.

None of it was new. None of it was original.  None of it was brave.  None. Of. It.

It was the age of the Roughie.  Nasty, viscous, badly written and with dirty lighting.  Greasy producers scraped from the underside of the oozing decaying corpse of the now dead Hollywood studio system created it in tune to a zietgeist that was the worst that the human spirit had ever offered the world.   It was easier to the call those stains on celluloid Roughies than what they really were, which was rape films.

The Roughies got to be in main stream films and prime time television in only slightly watered down form.  Best known examples?  Mandingo and Roots. According to these films African-American slave girls were apparently raised in specialized convents in order to make their deflorations much more traumatic, (rather than knowing what would one day be expected of them by age six and adjusting their expectations accordingly).  

It was the age of kiddie porn.  Legal child pornography.  You could find cheap little black and white personals ads for it in back of sleazy magazines like Screw and Peacock.  8mm films that were guaranteed to come in discreet plain packaging. The age of the plain brown wrapper.  More or less, kinda sorta legal.  It wasn't really any single cops job to enforce laws on it.  Who knew what to enforce?  All of the Blue Laws were still on the books.  It was just as illegal to defile a  twelve year old of either sex,  as it was to bang a twenty-one year old virgin if you promised to marry her afterward and then welshed.

Every manner and type of perversion was getting it's day in the sun to see if would flower or burn.

High tone child soft core like Louis B. Maille's Pretty Baby enjoyed theatrical distribution. This was a film that today would have sent half the production company to jail and Brooke Shields to a foster home.

The most over rated film in history; Salò polluted screens and minds.  This was not Citizen Kane you dip-shits!  You are only impressed with it because you have been told by rich Communists to be impressed by it.  From a technical stand point alone, Caligula is a better flick.

Roman Polanski enjoyed his own underage  harem until the law finally got after him for sodomizing a thirteen year old girl against her will.  He fled the country but is still revered by artists enclaves.

As I said.  IT was everywhere in the 1970s.  So why was the realm of Science Fiction Conventions so much more vulnerable to predators like Walter Breen, Marion Zimmer Bradley, David Asimov and  Ed Kramer. And these are just the big names who ruled the Cons circuit in the 1970s.  All of them are known to have been child predators.

Piers Anthony's Xanth novels have an unusually strong market among child molesters.  

Extremely over rated (because he is black and gay) Grand Master Samuel R. Delany, is an open supporter of NAMBLA.  

Any barrel can have the occasional bad apple but it is a strange barrel indeed where the rest of the apples insist on protecting the oozing, worm ridden and rotted ones.

And protect them they do.  This is from Daniel at the Castalia House Blog

Anne McCafferey – Long after the rumors of Ed Kramer’s unsettling relationships with young boys were circulating, and well after Nancy A. Collins had begun to raise questions and evidence against Kramer in sufficient amount to persuade caution, McCaffrey came out in “violent” defense of Kramer.

“My response is violent, as I have often been a guest and GoH at Dragon*Con. I have written such people as I know who might spread the word and try to get Ed his trial. Four effing years? And this is before the current Bush administration. Something must be done for him.
….I never had much use for the State of Georgia anyhow but there are limits past which any right-thinking person must take action. As a euro-citizen, I would be happy to take it to the Hague. (I’ll find out how.)
But thank you for laying out the sordid facts and reminding us all that some basic human rights can be at risk”

Notably, McCaffrey is also the entire reason why the old “Science Fiction-only” SFWA expanded to include the Fantasy genre. Thus, a pedophilia-apologist also happened to be a powerful force for change in the SFWA.

Apparently, some sordid facts are more sordid than others.


Harlan Ellison – Multiple Hugo, Nebula and Edgar-winning author, gadfly and defender of pedophiles.

Harlan Ellison – A large number of science fiction big names have gone on record to staunchly defend the rights of pedophiles, while the number of opponents of such a culture are not only small, but not prominent. One of the more popular voices in science fiction is Ellison, and he used his weight to lend support to the “Free Ed” movement, with no concern for the actual victims:

“It’s primordial. Gwinnett County behaves as if it’s the 14th century, and it’s the Spanish inquisition. They’re treating Ed Kramer as if he’s the Marquis De Sade for Chrissakes.”
Ellison’s comparison was high and to the left: Kramer’s crimes were more horrific than de Sade’s.

Samuel R. Delany – Named Damon Knight Lifetime Grandmaster in 2013, Samuel “Chip” Delany had been extolling the virtues of sex with children for decades.
“I read the NAMBLA [Bulletin] fairly regularly and I think it is one of the most intelligent discussions of sexuality I’ve ever found. I think before you start judging what NAMBLA is about, expose yourself to it and see what it is really about. What the issues they are really talking about, and deal with what’s really there rather than this demonized notion of guys running about trying to screw little boys. I would have been so much happier as an adolescent if NAMBLA had been around when I was 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.” — Samuel R. Delany, June 25, 1994.

Samuel R. “Chip” Delany, awarded SF Grandmaster and advocate for consented child sex.
“Since I spent eighteen years of my life as a child, and nine years of that life as a pretty sexually active gay child, my complaint against the current attitudes is that they work mightily to silence the voices of children first and secondarily ignore what adults have to say who have been through these situations. One size fits all is never the way to handle any situation with a human dimension. Many, many children—and I was one of them—are desperate to establish some sort of sexual relation with an older and even adult figure.

Today, all such relationships are so completely demonized as to destroy souls and psyches on both sides of the purely arbitrary 18-year-old divide.” – Delany, June 30, 2014.


Robert A. Heinlein – The one “Big” of the Big 3 who hasn’t come up yet.  He had these encouraging words for Marion Zimmer Bradley following the Breendoggle:

“The fan nuisance we were subjected to was nothing like as nasty as the horrible things that were done to you two but it was bad enough that we could get nothing else done during the weeks it went on and utterly spoiled what should have been a pleasant, happy winter. But it resulted in a decision which has made our life much pleasanter already…We have cut off all contact with organized fandom.”

It is the subject you must never speak of in Con circles.  You can condemn rape culture all you like.  You can play little Pol Pot as Scalzi does if a Con refuses to accept the latest self-contradictory Codes of Conduct.  You can scream, obfuscate and misdirect as Darrell Schweitzer does.

But you must never acknowledge, let alone do anyting to actively prevent IT.

The question is...Why?  For the love of god, why?

The only answer I think must come down to Identity.

Identity trumps reason every time.

After Star Wars came out Science Fiction and Fantasy merged into something very approachable by the masses.

Before then it was safer to be caught in public wearing ass-less chaps and a posing pouch than it was to be seen in a Star Fleet uniform.

The people that went to the cons never fit in anywhere else.  Most were at least one standard deviation above the norm in terms of intelligence but it didn't do them any good.  Instinctive knowledge of social mores was impossible for them.  The truth is their efforts to raise their status among their peers with frequent displays of superior intellect, annoyed the crap out of everyone around them.  They paid for it socially and a failure loop was established.  Today we would think of these people as high functioning autistics.  The truth is that a normal life was always beyond them.

Most of them were poor.  The money to get a hotel room and pay for Con registration was a major investment for them.

 Loneliness infected every facet of their lives.  Sex was limited to self help. No one shared their interests or if they did, those people had the damn good sense to keep that shit to themselves.  Sharing those interests with nerds was nowhere near worth the ensuing pariah status in high school.

When the Cons came along, these defectives could wrap themselves in a world where they could pretend that they were secret kings.  The Identity of the TrueFen was established along with their lords and leaders the SMOFs.  It was their safe space. It was their only social outlet It was their escape.

Their real lives were lived entirely in support of this secret identity.  An identity that gave them worth and eased the pain of loneliness. The real world turned into the Mundane World and became even more hated than it was before.

And the secret horror beyond imaging was being forced out of it.  The SMOFs had that power.

So what happens when a SMOF turns out to be an unspeakable abomination?

Simple, you don't let yourself think about it.  And you scream until your lungs blow out completely at anyone who tries to make you.

Anything is better than risking the Identity of the Secret King.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Slick Willie Suddenly Unpersoned

Comrade Clinton has suddenly found himself being charged with  crimes by the same people who were covering up those crimes for twenty fucking years.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking.  Sorry assholes but you have long since made yourselves accomplices to anything and everything he ever did.

From Ace:

Suppose I borrow your riding lawnmower.

Then I keep it for three months.

Then you ask for the riding lawnmower back, and I say: "I already returned your riding lawnmower. You must have have forgotten, and then lost it."

You say you have no memory of that. I say, "Well, I just told you, you must have forgotten. There you go, forgetting again! Boy, you forget a lot. You should take some pills or something."

You point out the riding lawnmower in my garage, and I say "Oh yeah, well I liked yours, and so I bought the exact same model." You point out that the riding lawnmower in my garage is not new, but used, and that it has the same dents and scratches that yours does, and I say, "I just explained those dents and scratches two minutes ago." You say that I never "explained" that, as the subject just came up, and I say, "Sure I did. We talked about this five minutes ago. You must have forgotten. There you go forgetting everything again, Mr. Forgetty-Head!"

I insist that this is my lawnmower, and that you must have misplaced your own large semi-vehicle after I returned it. Because of all the Forgetting you do (which you're not even aware of, because you forgot you forget so much).

Afterwards, you see me every Sunday riding your lawnmower, mowing my lawn, sipping a tall cold glass of lemonade as I do. I even wink at you as I turn towards your house.

Now, 20 years later, "my" riding lawnmower breaks down and cannot be repaired. It's taking up precious space in my garage and would cost me money to throw it out because, I don't know, we're in California, and they charge a tax to dispose of dangerous polymers in the lawnmower's starter cord. There's like a $150 Dangerous Polymer Disposal tax.

Now I come to you and say, "Hey, I just remembered -- this is your riding lawnmower. I must have had a big brainfart when I claimed I returned yours and bought my own. Oh boy, boy is my face red. What a boner. So, here you go, here's this now worthless piece of crap back. Please get it out of my garage and pay the state the tax for riding lawnmower disposal."

Pretty much exactly what the Democrats are doing with Clinton...

Bill Clinton has two problems right now.  Sure he was an adequate ex-president but they have a much better one now with a lot less baggage.   His second problem is the one he has always had...his wife.

Hillary has just launched a new PAC called Onward Together.  The title of this PAC as well as her recent statements and tweets all but declare that she is running again in 2020.

I was half expecting it.  Given her personality she will keep trying until she is either dead or legally disqualified from holding public office.  It is not possible for Hillary Clinton to abandon the dream of becoming president (again in her own name this time).  It is just how she is hard wired.  She can't do business any other way.

The Democrats for their part have had enough.  In truth they had had enough on election night a year ago.  Although a number of them said, it was all so, so said that the first woman who was supposed to become president was not going to become president after all.  But this was by no means a sincere sentiment, it was simply another excuse for tears.

A more honest assessment of Hillary was voiced on TYT when Ben Mankiewicz jokingly said, "when we beat Trump four years from now with... I don't know who? Maybe Hillary can run again.  It's. Her. Turn."  The set erupted in loud bitter, sarcastic laughter at the very idea.

The Democrats don't know who can beat Trump but there is no doubt at all in their minds who would lose to him.

Sad news for us of course but there was no way we were going to get that lucky.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

PJ Media Goes Full Cuckservative

It's always at least somewhat gratifying to proved right.

PJ Media has jumped on board the "lets do it to Moore train."  Gloria Allred's waitress doesn't have a story that matches the others.  It's so far out there from anything that has been said so far that I have to doubt it on the face of it.

Any ethical journalist would....(*heh...heh*) the same...(*Ha! *Ha! *Ha!  gasp...wheez...gasp*).... Nope, couldn't do it.  Could not keep a straight face.

Of course no one was going to check the woman's story first.  This is the usual "we must always believe the female accuser when she speaks of sexual assault" thing.

And while the SJWs  always say it, Libertatian Cuckservatives genuinely believe it.

A story that is clearly designed to shutdown all mental cognitive function and operates on pure feelz, works better on Libertarians than actual Progressives.

This is from August of last year.


Ten years ago a giant fell.

Because of his own hubris, his arrogant laziness and an Army of Davids.  Dan Rather the cardinal of the MSM cathedral, destroyed himself and a progressive bedrock institution called CBS News.

It's difficult to over estimate the power that CBS news once held.  It set the national paradigm of events.  It didn't matter if you disagreed with them, you had to fight on the battleground that  CBS News chose for you, which meant that liberalism was always better than halfway to winning every fight it picked.  CBS News was the organization that decided whether a Republican Candidate was going to be Stupid, Evil or a Weirdo, (it was always one of those).

It had been that way for 40 years.  Its former dean, Walter Cronkite, who Rather ruthlessly displaced, is credited with losing the entire Vietnam War.  Not entirely true but sure as hell not entirely false either.   The Tet Offensive was a complete disaster for the Vietcong in every conceivable way.  The VC were so badly chewed up, the war was over for them but Walter Cronkite declared the war now unwinnable and so it was.  CBS News' propagantastic reputation was established.

There were a few hiccoughs along the way.  Their Audi piece was revealed to be a complete and utter lie but it destroyed the US market for that company for years.  Their Winter Solider piece featured veterans who hadn't actually been to Vietnam.  But these matters were quickly papered over because there was simply no way to get the truth out.

But at the dawn of the 21st century, that changed and Dan Rather missed it.

During the presidential election of 2004 CBS News decided to back it's unearned rep for honesty on a slam piece.  Having declared Baby Bush as acceptable  as presidential timber during the primary season of 2000.  CBS News treated itself to a change of heart.

There is zero doubt in my mind that W was a useless drunken junior officer who as a child of privilege had been permitted to join the Texas Air National Guard to avoid being drafted into the real military and thus getting sent to Vietnam where he might have actually been shot at.

Honestly no one thought otherwise.

But CBS News decided to use forged documents to prove it.  I will grant that they didn't know they were forged docs at the time. Although it would have taken less than a minute to prove they were fake.

 Regardless, bloggers ripped the forgeries to shreds within hours of CBS arrogantly and catastrophically posting them on their website as PROOF.  The TEXANG forgeries had clearly and obviously been written using Microsoft Word on the default settings.  There was not typewriter on Earth in 1972 that could have produced them. *

None the less Dan Rather decided to bare face his way through it.  The big lie had preserved his reputation before and he was old enough to not understand that it couldn't do it now.  So he stuck with his story well past it's sell by date. **

The end result was that he was ordered to commit ritual suicide as an apology.  But the damage was done and CBS News never recovered from it.

There was a lot of bitter recriminations from old time lefties toward the bloggers.  One famous quote at the time was some derisive snark that declared "these bloggers are just a bunch of guys sitting around in their pajamas.

The bloggers in question, loved it.  These libertarian minded hawks got together under the leadership of Roger Simon and became Pajamas Media.  Then Open Source Media.  And then Pajama's Media again because the OSM idea was retarded.

Pajama's Media was for years a daily stop for me on the internet.  There was always something to be found that challenged or provoked me.  Belmont Club was a perennial favorite.  But so too was Vodka Pundit.  Zombie Time was an undercover blogger reporting on the insanity that is San Francisco.  And over shadowing them all was the biggest name in libertarian blogger media, Instapundit.

Ten years isn't a bad track record something that isn't making any kind of serious money.

But all libertarian media must come to an end some day  because as I've always said, Libertarian Media always gets infiltrated by Entryists.

You won't believe this but there was a time when WIRED was a libertarian magazine.

It's true!!!!

It happened slowly at first, just an article or two with a lefty slant.  I mean libertarianism is all about taking what you want from the left and leaving the rest behind like a political salad bar, Right?

So you have to have a few token lefty articles just to prove that you aren't a knuckle dragging Scudderite.  Free Speech is all and everything to the Libertarian.  So you keep around the token lefty, to prove how inclusive you are.  Please note: that libertarians NEVER keep around a token conservative. Their besetting sin is that they view progressives as (by in large) their intellectual and social equals. They do not feel that way about social conservatives.  In their pride Libertarians need someone to look down on.  I know.  I used to be one.

Anyway, the token lefty hangs around long enough to begin making hiring decisions

And then before you know it something that was all about free minds and free markets, was all about Anthropogenic Global Warming and sucking Neil Degrasse Tyson's dick.

And they have indeed and truly arrived at Pajama's Media.

Roger Simon recently retired as it's editor in chief.  Changes immediately followed.  The minimalist format was replaced with a Gawker style format that didn't work as well because the money wasn't there.

And while some of the old hands stayed on, a lot of new worrying voices were suddenly being heard.  My first sign of real trouble was an article on the evils of declawing your cat.  There have been plenty of others since then.   Amusing video links are now frequent. 

And finally there was this headline; 6 Chilling Facts About the Alt Right.

They didn't just go Cuckservative, they did so with a shitty listicle.

Let's take a look at it, shall we?

1. They Are White Nationalists (AKA Racist)

Adherents of the alt-right often deny their racism. 

Because most of us aren't racists. 

Hell, most of us are former libertarians.

They scoff at the label "white supremacist," quick to correct critics and instead claim the label "nationalist." They do not necessarily believe that white people are better than others, or at least they try not to say so explicitly. Instead, they believe that white people hold a collective right to exist in a majority white nation.

This is naturally, the usual Gamma Male playing with words to reframe what you just said so that it no longer is what you said. This is usually prefaced with the words, "So what you're saying is..." 

It's a distinction with some difference, but proves equally immoral. 

No it doesn't and you are lazy as well as staggeringly dishonest to present this fallacy. "All cats have four legs. My dog has four legs, therefore my dog is a cat."

By this idiot's standards it's hyper racist  to say, "Whites have a right to exist."  

No, seriously.  They can't bring themselves to say that without swallowing or outright panicking.  The typical response if pressed it to deflect and say something like, "ALL people have a right to exist." They spin, twirl, pirouette, two-step and side step and in general dance flittingly around the question. They dissect it, examine under a microscope, dissolve it in short they do everything except answer the fucking question.  

This is the acid test of the Cuckservative.  Can he even say the words, "Whites have a right to exist as an ethnic people?"  In the end a Cuckservative simply can't because a Lefty would regard that statement as racist.  In their hearts the Cuckservative will always accept the Lefty paradigm as a starting point. 

Whether white supremacist or white nationalist, the underlying premise is that race has inherent value and properly ought to define social structure. They believe that the identity of a nation is defined, not by its culture, philosophy, or values, but by its racial purity.

Utter Gamma Male equivalence bullshit. He is presenting the two vastly different things as the same thing because both of them give him the same case of the bad feelz.

This is a typical of libertarians. The big thing to remember about these weenies is that they all secretly want the left to approve of them. They all secretly want to sit at the cool kids table.

Consequently they are constantly trying to prove to the left that they are different from the Religious Right or Racist Right or the Anybody Else Who isn't as Smart as Them Right. 

They crave above all things, the social acceptance of the Left.

2. They Reject America's Founding Principles

The alt-right rejects mainstream conservatism as known and pursued by the vast swath of traditional Republicans. Using familiar-sounding rhetoric, evoking lofty images of American greatness, they nonetheless reject the ideas upon which this nation was founded. Alt-right leader Richard Spencer makes this explicit in remarks chronicled by The Nation's Joan Walsh:

The Nation? The mother fucking NATION? This Libertarian is now quoting that old school communist rag to prove how bad we are?  Remember what I said about craving acceptance from the left?

Actually we are closer to the founding principles than the mainstream right. The constitution trumps the declaration of Independence as well as the Gettysburg address. Both of those worthies were entirely propaganda and were never meant to have the force of law. Let alone build a nation upon them.

3. While Vaunting "Western Civilization," They Reject Its Philosophical Basis

Bullshit. He is about to inject his own "philosophical basis" and call it Western

The alt-right rejects the philosophical accomplishments of the Enlightenment, which led directly to the creation of the United States. 

Like I said, Bullshit.  The American Revolution was in fact the fourth act of the English Civil War.  All the players are there if you know what to look for.   The Enlightenment was something that came along for the ride.  And since they did nothing about slavery, I'm not sure how much they really believed in it.

Mostly what the Founders created was the same system they had been governed under in the first place.  A limited Monarchy with an upper and lower house.  They just changed the names is all.

They seek a return to a pre-Enlightenment paradigm defined by tribalism and brute rule. 

I.E. Christianity.

Ian Tuttle expounds, writing for National Review:

The National Review. (*sigh*)

 At least this scribbler has moved from Commie to Cuck. That's...a thing.

“The Dark Enlightenment” is the name, first and foremost, of a fuzzily argued manifesto of sorts, penned by Nick Land, formerly a lecturer in continental philosophy at the University of Warwick, and another of [Breitbart writers Allum] Bokhari’s and [Milo] Yiannopoulos’s go-to “intellectuals.” Land is a more sophisticated thinker than [Jared] Taylor or [Richard] Spencer, but his “neo-reaction” is rooted in the same fundamental rejection of egalitarianism.

Because egalitarianism is a lie.

Libertarians used to get that. You can't make everyone equally godlike. But you can certainly make everyone equally a slave.


Tuttle continues:

Some want to put people in ovens; some just want an ability to “exit” multicultural society for an ethno-national arrangement. But they’re all in agreement: “All men are created equal” is not true.

The alt-right abhors individualism and rejects the principle of individual rights. 


They are collectivists. 


They believe that man obtains his value only in relation to his racial tribe. 


They don't truly want to "make America great again." They want to go back well before the Founding to make America something it never was, a Dark Age European ethno-state.

Actually the European ethno-states emerged from the Dark Ages.  Where I do assure the author that there was indeed plenty of free movement of ethnic peoples by via unrestricted immigration.   This invariably resulted in the genocide of the population of the area they moved into.  They rarely even kept the women and children as slaves.

But keep citing mythical examples where the free movement of people didn't eventually result in oceans of blood being shed when times got tough.

4. They are Against Free Trade

Good lord the man is actually in possession of a fact. How did that happen?  

However. Agreed sir.  We are.  It's an abject failure that has damaged the country severely over the past twenty years.

I will let that one stand without further comment.

5. They Are Intellectual

The alt-right should not be dismissed as a band of thoughtless rubes. These are not slack-jawed yokels wandering the hillside. The alt-right proceeds as a movement of ideas. This is not gut racism. It is brain racism. There is a rationale. Thought leaders such as Richard Spencer have sunk considerable time, money, and effort into developing and disseminating a worldview.

Okay make up your damn mind.

Is the Alt Right this?

Or is it this?

That was a trick question. 

 We're actually a lot closer to this:
These pretzels suck!

The Anti-Defamation League expounds.

Oh! Fuck you!

Couldn't you find any more lefty organizations to quote. How did you miss the Southern Poverty Law Center?

6. They Now Own the Republican Party and Its Nominee for President

And the rest is the usual #NeverTrump Gamma Male whining.

IF Hillary wins you bitches are the ones that going to own her. She will be your property in estate fee simple. You will have worked very hard to make President Clinton happen.

Only a Gamma Male could deny it so I expect you already are.

Fisk Concluded.

This entire piece was lazy rhetoric disguised as journalism. It had no other purpose than to discredit and disqualify.  There was zero intelligent engagement and truth is that it was never meant to have any.

PJ Media has begun it's inevitable descent into being a mainstream lefty webazine.  In five years time it will be impossible to tell the difference between PJ Media and Salon.

This is the invariable fate of any organization that doesn't explicitly and actively ban SJWs.

Yes, PJ Media was once a daily stop for me but no home is forever.

Time to move on.

* Okay, actually there were the entire world.  None of them however would have found their way to a TEXANG unit.


Thank you Bob

** In fact Rather is still sticking with it.  He did manage to get Robert Redford to make his delusional version of events into a major movie...that completely flopped because no one could remember who bitching hell Dan Rather was.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Importance of Rejection

Dealing with rejection is an important part of the process. It's one of the hardest things to get used to.

My best considered advice is, don't make it easier on yourself. Forget about the clubs and go with daytime approaches. Yes, it's a lot more scarey and yes, you are going get shot down a lot more because you are scared. .

The girls are going to subliminally pick up on the fact that you are nervous talking to them and reject you for it. It's basically a passive initial shit test. Are you able to calmly and confidently able to approach me? Ah... this appears to be a no. Thank you, for your passing, if creepy interest, goodbye

Do it. It's necessary. Think of it in terms of a martial artist who builds up some very impressive callouses on his hands, by hitting a Wing Chun wooden dummy.

Don't bring your wing man along for this. This long road has to be walked all alone.

A couple of things to remind yourself of before starting. Guys are only afraid of rejection. Girls are afraid of kidnap, rape and murder. You as a guy are only worried about being in a hairy situation once every few weeks.

Girls are in fear for their lives several times a day. No, honestly they are. It's the actual reason they travel in herds and why they go to potty in teams. Bad news, they are right to be scared. The average adult woman is only about as strong as the average fourteen year old male. And women know it. (*)

Before approaching a woman remind yourself what she's afraid of from a stranger. It's why confidence is so important. A confident man is a man with options. A confident man can take her or leave her. A confident man is not so eaten by his own desires that he is a threat to her. Or at least that will be her perception.

Don't be afraid to punch above your weight class because you have nothing to loose. And frankly 9s get hit on less than 7s, you have a better chance than you think...(maybe).

Remind yourself that no woman on Earth woke up this morning, thinking, "God, I hope no man finds me attractive today. I really don't want anyone will find me desirable at all."

If you get rejected, try not to take it personally. Okay, you will. This is about as personal a rejection as there is. Here are few crutches to help you deal with it.

1. Watch Cary Grant movies and try to figure out how he would deal with it because that shit still works miracles.

2. There were several possible factors in play here. She might have been in a foul mood. She might be in a relationship and is serious about it. Or most painful of all, she really wasn't attracted to you at all.

3. Remind yourself, every, no, gets you closer to, yes.

Be ready to say, "okay." Turn and walk away. And sooner rather than later as you are walking away you are going to hear, "hey, wait a minute..."

. (*Possible exception being SJW Feminists who are consciously rejecting this objective reality. This results at least in part, for their well known cognitive dissonance. So for fuck's sake never hit on SJWs. That's just common sense.*)