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First Gun


I was recently asked by a an acquaintance what my recommendation would be for a first pistol.

Well, what do you need from a first pistol?

Answer: a good educational experience.

You are going to be learning a lot habits from this weapon.  A lot of what you will be learning will be in the indelible ink of first impressions.   This first pistol is going to be quite a learning platform.

Lesson one; safety.  You  need a pistol that doesn't have one.  Switch safetys were created by the military for military purposes.  Not the least of which is a lack of confidence in young men's ability to not be stupid.  You need a pistol that you will always think of as being dangerous because they flipping well are.  A switch safety will give you a false sense of security.  So avoid a weapon with one.  They are simply a bad idea for the most part, when you are talking about a personal defense weapon.  Remember if you can get your weapon drawn and in action in one are too damn slow and need to work on that. A switch safety will make that worse. Bottom line a pistol without a switch safety will foster a mindset that keeps your finger straight and off the freakin trigger.

Lesson two; maintenance;  you will need a weapon that is easy  to strip and easy to clean.  You need to clean your weapon once a month.  In addition to every time you fire it.  So easy stripping is a must.

Lesson three; resale value.  You are going to go through three pistols before you find the one you are really happy with.  So it behooves you to buy your first pistol with a view towards selling it.  Get something with a solid track record for retaining it's value.

Lesson four; accessories.  You don't know what you are going to like in things like holsters, aftermarket magazines, aftermarket sights, aftermarket on and so forth.  So get something where there is a lot of that.  Because you are going to be trying out a lot of these things to find out what works best for you.

On top of these lessons there are the more mundane problems of learning the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship.  For that you will need something that is reliable out of the box. Small enough to carry but still big enough to shoot at the bad guys with a good chance of hitting them.

That applies to the ammo as well.  You need something that you can afford (as in actual money) to shoot a lot of without leaving you in (either physical or financial) pain afterward These factors favor a smaller caliber.  Yet since this is your defense pistol the caliber needs to be big enough to stop an attacker. 

My recommendation to my acquaintance was, (yep, you guessed it), the dull one.  The humble and rather unattractive:

Yes, this was the best looking picture I could find

Secondary recommendations; 

Replace the sights with XS Big Dots.

Get your holster from Galco. 

Use Federal for practice ammo but not for defense. 

When it's Go Time, I recommend Cor Bon DPX.

Please bare in mind the Glock 19 is NOT perfection.  It's not the best pistol out there although it's far from the worst.  It just happens to hit the sweet spot on a number of bell curves for a conceal carry pistol.  That does not make it perfect but it does make it a great choice for a first pistol.

Author's caveat:  No I don't use a Glock 19 for my EDC.  I have long since migrated to CZ.


Proof of how easy it is to field strip a Glock

FOUR Deputies Now?


We are are now up to four deputies of the Broward Sheriff's department who were wandering around the school with their thumbs up their butts while kids were getting slaughtered?

Not one but four sheriff’s deputies hid behind cars instead of storming Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during last week’s school shooting, according to a new report.

Sources from Coral Springs Police Department tell CNN that when officers arrived on the scene, they were shocked to find three Broward County Sheriff’s deputies behind their cars with their weapons drawn.

The school’s armed resource officer, Deputy Scot Peterson was also outside — he resigned Thursday over his failure to act.

The cops entered the building to engage the shooter on their own, and then a new batch of Broward County deputies arrived, and two of those officers — plus an officer from Sunrise, Florida — joined the police inside the building, the sources said.

It’s unclear if the shooter was still inside at the time, CNN reports.

Bad blood has been brewing between the two law enforcement groups ever since the Feb. 14 massacre.

Coral Springs City Manager Mike Goodrum confronted Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel over the incident during a vigil the following day, saying injured kids could have been dying inside the building while the deputies held back, sources tell CNN.

I am now beginning to strongly suspect that the School SRO was the designated old timer fall guy who already had his pension locked in. I am really becoming interested in the political career of Scott Isreal prior to becoming Sheriff.

Who the F4ck Reads the Weekly Standard At This Point?

Honestly, who is Kystal's audience at this point?

It can't be anyone on the Right.

But who on the Left would read this decrepit sewage rag?

Editorial: All the Reasons It's a Terrible Idea to Arm Teachers

Oops Almost Forgot

Today back in 1945:

Need A Break from Gun Stuff...I'll Be Back This PM

From John Ringo's FB page.

Further reporting, such as it is, on the Dair Ezzor Turkey Shoot.

1. Sov... err... Russians built a bridge over the Euphrates which was the designated 'deconfliction line'. Why? Reasons. 'Commite of Nations' or something.

2. 'Hybrid' force of mixed Russian contractors including multiple non-ethnic Russians (Serbs, Kossack, other non Slavics) as well as local Syrian Army 'commandos' attacked across temporary bridge. The 'Russian' side were 'Blackwater' equivalent mercenaries from a company generally called 'Wagner' which is the nom de plume of the boss. (Like if you called Blackwater 'Prince'.)

3. Unit was partially mechanized, battalion strength. (One thing everyone agrees upon is 'about 600-700 personnel.') Had some towed artillery as well as 't-55 and T-72 MBT as well as armored personnel carriers.' (Type unknown.) Full on 'we're taking that position and you're not stopping us' full court press.

4. Unit crossed bridge, arty deployed.

5. Arty opened fire while most of unit was still in approach column formation. (Normal) One portion moved to flanking positions.

5A. Minute the arty opened fire SHIT GOT REAL REAL QUICK.

6. Reapers took out artillery and most of armor with Hellfire. From the few videos, pretty much before they knew what hit them. There had to be quite a few Reaper drones up or they were feeding guidance to Hellfire from Apaches (see below.)

7. F-15E Eagles came in for clean-up and to check for anti-air defenses.

8. Warthogs showed up just to go BRRRRRRT!

9. AC-130 Spectre started fucking up their day for the hell of it.

10. To add insult to injury, B-52s which, you know, just HAPPENED to be in the area, just minding our own business, just passing by from Diego Garcia which is a few thousand miles away, on our way to... somewhere... nothing to see here... decided to prove they could drop their entire load as precision guided weapons and just more or less DID A JDAM ARCLIGHT ON THEIR ASS. At that point, more or less because CENTCOM said 'Why not? ARCLIGHT is always pretty to watch...'

11. The whole thing being so over it was ridiculous, AH-64 Apaches basically did 'hostile Bomb Damage Assessment' and complained there were no targets left.

12. Oh, and then the Kurds, to just really FUCK with these guys, released water from a dam upstream and broke their bridge. So they had to ford back with their wounded.

13. Nobody knows how many dead and wounded. Russians are saying 'only 8 Russian citizens' but that doesn't quite cover the whole of who may have been involved. One repeated number is 200 dead (remember, mixed Syrians, Russians and other ethnics) as well as pretty much the rest of the force wounded. (Not to mention pretty thoroughly demoralized.) One Kurd wounded. Probably fell off a stool laughing to tell truth.

14. Military hospitals in Russia are reliably reported 'overflowing.'

This was much less a 'battle' than a message. Towards the end we had to just be pounding ground to make sure they got it.

Messages, really.

A. Don't fucking cross that river.
B. Hey, North Korea! LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!
C. Hey, Putin, about Donbas... This is what we can do to your 'freedom fighters' (AKA: mercenaries) at any time.
D. To everyone in general: You need to remember who's boss.

Mattis is playing dumb. 'What Russians? There were Russians? Really? I'm seeing that in the media but I got no briefing on there being Russians in that column. Our bad. Sorry about that.'

Then there's the fact that the strike was NOT approved by the President.

Because he gave CENTOM the approval on things like that.

And CENTCOM handled it like a BOSS.

Oh, and when the forces crossed the river the Russians were informed and informed that we intended to take 'self-defense' actions.

So they can't even say they weren't warned.

I'm not sure we warned them we'd be using BUFF.

This is more the sort of thing I'd expect in late summer.

'Shit! We haven't expended our budget! Are there any Russians we can fuck up very badly with all these unexpended munitions?'

My own dealing with the Kurds have been less than pleasant given that they tried to kill my ass every time I ran into them in the 1990s. But they couldn't manage it then, so all good now.

You take your allies where you can find them.

Gun Grabber Round Up: 2/23

Guess what else the Catamite News Network is burying?

'He never went in': Parkland school's designated armed campus cop resigns as it emerges he 'HID' outside the school as 17 were killed and sheriff says 30-year veteran's inaction makes him 'sick'

Marjory Stoneman Douglas's resource officer Scot Peterson 'never went in' during the massacre. Instead of confronting the gunman he stayed outside the school at his station

An officer claims Peterson hid behind a cement column during the shooting

Peterson, who is 54 years old and a veteran of the force, resigned when he was informed of his suspension and will qualify for his pension.

And in an interview with the New York Times, Coral Springs Officer Tim Burton revealed Peterson hid from Cruz when the teenager started shooting.

Burton said Peterson 'was seeking cover behind a concrete column leading to a stairwell,' because he was worried Cruz could be lurking in the lot. He said Peterson couldn't hear gunshots or screams to lead him to the precise location of the shooting.

Even more shocking was the revelation that Peterson had been told in 2016 about Cruz's Instagram posts about opening fire at a school.

Call logs released by the Sheriff's Office show that on February 6 of that year, a neighbor's son called police and told them Cruz 'planned to shoot up the school on Instagram'.

The deputy who responded determined Cruz had knives and a BB gun and the information was forwarded to Peterson.

Israel said Peterson resigned when he was told he was being suspended without pay while police conduct an internal investigation, NBC Los Angeles reported. He said the cop said he'd met the requirements for retirement.

'After seeing video and witness statements, and Peterson's own statement, I decided this morning... to suspend Scot Peterson without pay pending an internal investigation,' Israel said.

He said the video shows Peterson arrive at Building 12, where most of the killing took place, and take position outside the school.

Apart from getting 'on his radio' to alert police of the situation, Peterson did 'nothing' to prevent 17 innocent people, including 14 children, from being slaughtered, Israel said.

Israel said that instead of just standing there, Peterson should have gone 'in, addressed the killer and killed the killer,' adding that instead he 'stood outside for upwards of four minutes.'

He said that Peterson's lack of action left him 'devastated. Sick to my stomach. There are no words.' As Israel spoke there were tears in his eyes and he 'appeared emotional.'

Peterson never discharged his gun during the shooting.

But according to him, he did his duty.

Peterson was reportedly 'distraught' about the deadly shooting, but 'believed he did a good job,' president of the Broward Sheriff's Office Deputies Association said.

'He believed he did a good job calling in the location, setting up the perimeter and calling in the description [of Cruz],' Jim Bell told the New York Post.

This is getting so much exposure on the Right that they will have to confront it soon. And I already know the tactic they will deploy, "The NRA wants people to have guns at schools and there was a gun there and the gun didn't do anything!"

This guy's cowardice is understandable if not commendable.  If it comes down to pistol versus rifle, the rifle is always going to win unless you are talking about some very specialized tactical circumstances. 

The bigger issue is, "bare is back without brother to warm it."  Because one broken down, old ass SRO, who is only marking time until his pension kicks in, is not a serious attempt at security.  

If you want real security at schools its going to cost money.  And yes we are talking federal money. You will need a minimum of three shooters and a supervisor who is also a shooter, (ie a fire team).  You will need a s national supervisory set up to ensure standards are maintained.  Now that will prevent all future school shootings because no mass shooter ever willingly goes up against armed resistance.   But it won't be cheap and as I said, there will never be another mass shooting at a school again and the Gun Grabbers hate that idea.


Public schools will get free help from the National Rifle Association (NRA), said Wayne LaPierre, the NRA executive vice president, speaking on the first day of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Oxon Hill, Maryland, outside Washington, D.C.

“Evil walks among us, and God help us if we don’t harden our schools and protect our kids,” said LaPierre, speaking to attendees at the annual gathering of thousands of conservative leaders, activists and journalists from across the country.

“In every community in America … they all must come together to implement the very best strategy to harden their schools, including effective, trained, armed security that will absolutely protect every innocent child in this country,” said LaPierre.

It's probably a useless publicity ploy given home many states won't let teachers go armed as a matter of state law but I'll take it.  You have to remember "gun free zones are magical good think spaces. 


Tucker said, “I would have to, under the bill you supported, the gun registry bill. I would have to register guns in my house, despite the fact I’ve committed no crime, done nothing untoward with that gun, and I have to register it with you and other government officials, who just failed to keep us…”

Farmer responded, “What’s wrong with that Tucker? Why does law enforcement? Why are they unable to have the tools available to them?”

“I don’t know, they were unable to stop the guy who just killed 17 people,” The Daily Caller co-founder said.

Farmer said, “What is everybody afraid of with a gun registry?”

“We’re afraid that demagogues like you will misuse that information and after talking to you for a few minutes that is a legitimate fear,” Carlson said.

Farmer said, “How so? How so? Continue the narrative, please. How so?”

“Here’s the narrative,” Carlson said. “The government, as I said at every level, and this is factual, not my opinion, failed to protect those students. You will not concede that and instead turn the blame back on blameless American citizens.”

“The FBI, whatever. 39 times to his house, whatever. Giving people like you power is frightening. That’s the bottom line. I’m out, because I can’t get a straight answer from you,” he added.

Honestly, I don't know how Trump carried Florida. Not if it was willing to elect this jack-wagon gun grabber as governor.

Gun registry is the first step in disarming everyone...except those who are loyal to the Deep State.  Exceptions will be made there of course.

For all of those who are angry about the Parkland attack and those before it, and who insist that the experiences of the newly minted child-activists for rescinding the Second Amendment require us to do what they demand, ask yourselves: do I want a society where my rights are determined by the raw and manipulated emotions of my accusers? Do I want my rights decided by what children feel? It is self-evident to rational people that anger, especially misinformed anger, is not a basis for good policy. However, it is all that progressives can offer. At least it helps them to deflect that armed teachers would have ended that attack before more of those children died, making their refusal to allow that defense for years an act of complicity in its outcome.

Being a victim and being young do not make one nobler or smarter than he was before he was attacked. The experience of being attacked certainly makes one vulnerable to exploitation by those who would manipulate the victim, but it does nothing to enlarge the victim's limited understanding of complex issues that are often polluted by corruption and disinformation. Victimhood does not create virtue or wisdom, but it does cause rage and emotion among those cultivated to default to feelings.

Inflamed emotion is the left's engine of change, and the left prizes coercive change above all things. Everything that stands in the way of their crusade to remake America must go. Nothing prevents oppressive change more than an armed citizenry, so nothing needs changing as much or as quickly as that relic of individual liberty. You can't make people servants of an all-powerful government when they can still prevent being bound to the yoke chosen for them by their "betters."

We who still believe in the Bill of Rights are presently being treated to a hefty serving of hate, not because we have done something wrong, but because we have refused to surrender. We have declined the demand that we sacrifice our rights to make happy those who would overwhelm and control us. We have resisted the demands that we permit "commonsense" acts that are anything but sensible, which will erode or erase our rights to defend ourselves against those making the demands. We are told we must continually agree to incremental rescission of the Second Amendment, but progressives can create rights out of whole cloth to which we can neither object nor suggest limits. We are to pretend that we don't see this, or understand where it is intended to lead, and we certainly are not permitted to discuss it without being attacked. 

Bottomline: The best way to protect someone, is for that someone to protect himself.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

So You've Just Killed a Man


This isn’t the Sand Box.  This isn’t the Rock Pile.  This is your living room and there is now a badly wounded man lying on your floor with a gun in his hand.  This has never happened to you right here in America.  Over there was someplace and some time else.  This is home, the place you put your things and there is blood on them now.  

You have a gun in your hand and it’s smoking.

The invader tries to raise his pistol again.  

Your gun barks twice more.

Now the lights have gone out of his eyes.  You have just killed  a man in the comfort of your own home.

Your life has changed for-ev-er.  You will never be the same man you were before you pulled that trigger.  Old you is as dead as the now cooling lump of meat at your feet.

You have called the cops.  They will be there any minute.  What you do next will chart the course of the rest of  your life. It all depends on what you are about the tell the officer, that is about enter your house.

He was coming right for me!

Yeah, don’t do that.  

I realize that the president of the Bugtussel Gun Club and Bait Shop is a really charismatic guy and it sounds like he knows what he’s talking about.  To hear him tell it he’s killed dozens of home invaders.  “Just keep telling the cops, ‘he was coming right for me. He was coming right for me.’ Don’t say anything else.”

In this scenario, the Uncle Jimbo Defense is going to get you pleading down to a charge of Second Degree Murder from Murder One.  If you are really lucky, you will be pleading down to Manslaughter.  

Why is that Cataline?  You ask round eyed in wonder and astonishment at very possibility that Uncle Jimbo could ever be wrong.

Simple.  The evidence doesn’t match your story.  Your ‘victim’ had two bullet holes in his back.

You don’t get to choose your cop.

Admittedly 95% of the cops are alright.  They know perfectly well that legal gun owners aren't the problem. I am not anti-cop.  However, there are 5% that hate the idea that anyone who isn't them has a legal right to carry. Those few will go after you.
You don’t get to choose your prosecutor.

Most will be reasonable about the fact that your life was on the line and you did whatever you had to do, to defend it.  However, a few will view this a golden opportunity to send a message to legal gun owners everywhere. They will twist every single aspect of your story into a tale of gun fueled hyper rage.

The DA is not going to try and get a conviction for Murder One and win it in front of a jury. He will build as strong a case as he can for Murder Two and then tell your lawyer he will accept a plea bargain for manslaughter. The two of them will then negotiate your sentence. 

Your job is to give your DA as little material as possible to work with. So shut the fuck up at the earliest opportunity. It mostly comes down to your own word against you

You don’t get to choose your jury.

If it goes to a jury, God help you.  Don’t tell yourself the stupidest of lies, “no jury in the world, will convict me.”  

They can.

They do.

They will. 

It only takes one bullying SJW to cow a jury of beta males/females, into a life shattering conviction. Yes, SJWs will hate you for defending your family with a gun, instinctively. They will try to punish you for it.

So what do you do?  

If you buy a gun and plan to use it defend yourself and your family.  You have to have plan for the aftermath of that event.

1. Call 911

Ideally you did that at the moment of break in and before you pulled the trigger.  The phone is your second best friend in this situation.  You probably called on a cell phone, so first thing; (First:) the moment you are connected to 911, repeat your address twice.

Then say, ‘send the police.’  You can give the rest of your information as the operator asks for it. Cell phones cannot be traced in anything like real time. Give your address, first.  You might be more in luck with a land line but why take chances?  

(Second:) leave the phone ON the entire time and shout things that your lawyer will find useful in court,  “I AM IN THE BEDROOM AND I AM ARMED! IF YOU COME IN HERE, I WILL FEEL THREATENED!”   

911 is recording everything and its all admissible in court. 

Keep in mind screaming, "Die, muthafucker!" Will likely go against you with the law.

2. Put your gun down

If there are no more threats and the cops are on the way, it’s time to find a good place for your weapon.  Do not have a gun in your hand when a hyper adrenalized young man in his early twenties with a badge enters your house.  

A gun in your hand, will put him into a heightened state of awareness,”  cops are never frightened.  They just enter aheightened state of awareness,” just ask any cop on the witness stand, they will use those exact same words.  Do not put a cop into a, heightened state of awareness,” by having a gun in your hand.  Top of the fridge is fine.  

Caveat; putting the gun in your gun-safe is not fine. It is bad because ALL of your guns will be confiscated as evidence if you do that.

3. Tell the cops where your gun is.

That’s required and in fact supersedes your Miranda rights.  Yes, you have to tell them, so tell them. 

Top of the fridge, like I said. Or in it for that matter

Grab one for yourself officer.

4. Ask to be read your rights.

Do it respectfully.  Don’t be a dick about it.  The cops have got a job to do.  

But so do you and its to stay out of prison. 

Part of that job is to avoid needlessly pissing off the cops. Once you have told them where your gun is, politely ask to be read your rights. Ignore any questions they immediately pepper you with, after you have told them where your gun is.

5.  Say, you will not speak without your attorney present.

The moment you claim Self Defense, you have reversed the Burden of Proof;

You didn't have to prove anything until you opened your mouth. The moment you say, "I didn't have a choice officer." Or worse, "he was coming right for me." You just entered a plea before the court without a lawyer at your dumbass side.  

Say nothing from that point on.

If the cops then say something like, "he's acting like a guilty man." Continue to be silent but tell your lawyer all about it. I promise you, your lawyer will do his happy dance when he hears about that because he is going home early after the judge throws the case out. 


Yes, the police will be all friendly and polite and "it's all just a formality"...Until you sign that fucking thing. Then the cops are free to interrogate you for days and you no longer have a Right to Silence because you literally signed that one away. You are required by law at that point to keep answering questions and sooner or later you will say something that will end you.

REMEMBER; If the cops try to get you to sign a Waiver of Your Rights they are actively trying to convict you of something.

6. Okay then. That’s it. I've said the magic words, "I will not speak without the presence of my attorney." 

Am I done?  

Okay, actually you're not done.

Not by a damn sight. 

You will be arrested.  That’s happening, plan for it accordingly.  

You are absolutely going to be investigated for Second Degree Murder.  That’s happening, plan for it accordingly.  

Have a lawyer picked out, well in advance.  That one is vitally important. He needs to be familiar with the case law in question. Don't assume that the guy who drew up your will can handle this one. You need a specialist.

I would also strongly recommend a membership in something like the USCCA.  Think of it as AAA for concealed carry owners. They have a hot list of lawyers familiar with the relevant case law in your state.  Also Insurance for court costs.  Also insurance against lawsuits by the surviving family members of the guy you just shot. That’s happening too. You will be sued. Also immediate bail money. Also compensation from lost wages while you are in court. These are all very good things.

Look I get it. 

You want to tell the cops everything so you can just get this nightmare over with. After all that’s how it works on TV, when it’s clear case of self defense. Right? The cops take your word for everything. The body gets carted away.  You have a ham sandwich before going back to bed and hope the cleaning fairies get the the blood off everything before you wake up.

Guess what.  That only happens on TV.

You don’t know how you are going to behave in this situation until it happens to you.  No one does.  But if you have a gun you are going to use for self defense.   Be prepared for the aftermath

And. Have. A. Plan.

Nine out ten NRA lawyers recommend peeing yourself
Use your best judgement.