Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What Hold Does Obama Still Have Over Them?

There appears to be a plethora of people in the Washington who still have government paychecks and are willing to sacrifice them for the sake of Barrack Obama.

Okay, Cataline.  Yes, I want to know why do they keep doing it?  They committing felonies on his behalf and Trump is likely to be the first president in a long time to prosecute someone for that.

You have asked and Cataline answers: Dependence.

In truth that is pretty much what all leadership comes down to in the end.  New Guinea tribesmen depend on their headman to organize banquets, negotiate with other tribes in their region.  Use his oratory skills to gain them status.  Yes, he can be vicious to the "rubbish-men" on the lowest social order order of his tribe but those men still depend on him.

I can go on at length but dependence is the foundation of all leadership in the human species.  

Any leader you stop being dependent on is pretty much immediately a failed leader.

One of the worst disasters to befall the West were the laws created by governments that completely removed women's dependence on their men.

And Obama's supporters are dependent upon him still.  Not because he actually does anything for them you understand.  The man is too drastically lazy to do anything like that.  But they depend on him to keep their bubble inflated.

When Reagan and Clinton left office after eight years both men were still popular with their base but the attitude was generally one of, "hey it's been nice and all but it's time to move on."

The Left can't do that this time.  They depend on Obama to keep their illusion going. They can't admit that he was an ephemeral failure whose works can easily vanish before a determined advisory.   If they are forced to admit that they were wrong about Obama, their entire world comes crashing down because it consists of nothing but lies at this point.

They are dependent upon the myth of Obama, to keep their lies going.  That is why they need him still.

Okay...What the Fuck Is This?

Is Obama's Catamite News Network now broadcasting from an alternate universe where Hillary won but somehow they are still showing pictures of this universe's president.

And no, I didn't mean the American President.  Let's face it Trump is pretty much the president of the Known Universe so far as Planet Earth is concerned.

A world is supported by four things ... the learning of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the righteous and the valor of the brave. But all of these are as nothing ... without a ruler who knows the art of ruling. Make that the science of your tradition!

a recollection of Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam by Paul Atreides

    Tuesday, March 21, 2017

    Blogs and Ends

    We seem to be hitting the Springbreak mini-silly season early.

    Not much going on in the national scene.  Comey still needs to be fired.  The Left is still trying to pretend that there was collusion between Trump and Russia over the election.  Now if you hear what was actually said, the FBI is investigating whether or not Russia tried to interfere with the election.  The answer to that one is yes.  Everyone tries to influence the US presidential election.

    Was there collusion? Is another matter altogether but of course the Catamite News Network and friends is pretending they are one and same thing.  It's a nothing burger and it's eventually going to make them look like idiots. And no there wasn't collusion, neither side is that dumb.

    It is however slightly useful as the hearings for Gorsuch are now under way and this draws attention away from that.  I'm wondering whether the Democrats are going to try and smear him as a sexist, a racist or a pedo?


    The new Lucio on the Overwatch PTR is insanely OP.  Even a half way decent Lucio main is going to be little short of immortal.

    Apparently Kaplan wants to see a return of the Dive Strat.  Does anybody remember how to do that?


    Amy Schumer's new Netflix special is an epic fail.  And I am sad to report that I have let you down beloved readers.  I tried to watch it for fifteen minutes and I just couldn't stand it any longer.

    It was terrible in every way available to it.  Amy is seriously into Margert Cho levels of unfunny at this point.

    She must have been stung by the (accurate) accusations that she had been stealing material.  So she decided to make up her own stuff.   Hey, guess what?  Ninety eight percent of her new jokes featured the words, "my vagina."

    And that was the entire joke by the way.  Amy Schumer saying the words, "my vagina" was what was supposed to be knee slappingly funny.

    Amy on the off chance you are listening here is a deconstruction of a gross out joke by someone who actually had talent has a comedian.

    That girl was so hot...(subject: the audience knows it's going to be about a hot chick, so it's probably a sex joke)

    ...that I would crawl over a mile of broken glass...(set up:  The hotness of the girl in question is being built up as well as preparing the audience for whatever sex act he is going to perform on her)

    ...just to suck the dick of the last guy who fucked her.  (punchline: this is the part that is supposed to make the audience laugh.  In this case by misdirection and gross out humor.)

    Just saying "my vagina" delivers on none of those things.

    Even if the Vagina in question belongs to you.

    Naturally she is blaming the Alt Right for her terrible reviews.


    Okay, I'm done.

    Sunday, March 19, 2017

    *gag* Beauty and the Beast is on Track to Make a 170 Million

    Having a daughter the right age comes with a price tag.

    Let's begin.

    I suppose we should start with...this isn't a terrible movie.  There I said it.

    That said it isn't a good one either.

    Cinderella for example was a good movie, Branagh threw in a few homages to the original animated film but he wasn't enslaved to them.  Cinderella The Motion Picture was it's own thing.  You knew the entire plot from the start but there were still surprises.  It was well crafted and the ball scene was everything little girls want a ball to be.

    Beauty and Beast on the other hand is about the worst thing it can be while still being competently made.  Namely, a shot for shot remake.

    Albeit there are a few new things.

    There is a sub-plot about the town being under a curse to forget about the nearby castle and the beast.  This plot device wasn't well thought out and served only to create plot holes. If Mrs Potts husband and Belle's father couldn't remember anything about the castle despite having loved ones there.  How the hell did the village mob hang on to it?  Why did the writers throw that in there?  In the original it was implied that the village was so provincial that they didn't get out enough to find out about the castle or the beast.  Hell, Belle even sang a song about it. Apparently modern SJW types couldn't imagine such a thing and felt a need to tie themselves in knots to try and explain it.

     La Fou being gay was a stupid add on but in a film where the producers felt driven to cast Emma Watson, SJW embellishments were bound to show up.

    And speaking of Watson, that was something new as well.  A lead actress in a musical...Who. Can. Not. Sing.  Her voice was so autocorrected it was difficult to tell if it had ever belonged to a human being in the first place.  Although I now have respect for the Rock as a crooner.

    Watson's casting was the real shadow over this entire production.  She started off as a child actor and child actors just aren't that good.  She was chosen at ten to play Hermione Granger because she could come across as an annoying swot before she even hit puberty.  So at the age of twenty six she was chosen to annoying swot.  She does have a gift.

    From an artistic stand point the decision to cast Watson was risible. From a business stand point, it was fucking ingenious.  Harry Potter fans have been pining for more for the last six years. And for reasons known only to Harry Potter fans this one pushed all the right buttons for them.  They may as well have called it Hermione and the Beast because that is what these women want.  Yes this audience is almost entirely female and no, it not just women with daughters that are going to see it.  It's huge clumps of "grown-up" women who know each other and need to experience this thing as a group.

    I won't bother to comment on the other performances, they were competent but hardly Oscar worthy, except for Emma Thompson.  The direction she got was so heavy handed that for once she turned in a bad performance.  I don't blame Thompson.  She was clearly being forced to try and turn in a mimicry of Angela Lansbury.  She's not a mimic, it was about as believable as Dick Van Dyke's cockney accent.

    So barring a catastrophic drop off in the second week, this thing is going to be a monster.  But this monster will carry deformative genes on to it's off spring.  Disney has tragically become SJW convergent.  Consequently,  they will convince themselves that SJW politics are what made this movie such a success.  I can already see the disasters rolling in over the next few years.

    Coming soon!  Lena Dunham as the Little Mermaid costarring Alec Baldwin as the most fabulous Sebastian the Crab you've ever seen.  

    Yeah that's actually her...

    ...oops sorry!  Trigger warning!!

    Saturday, March 18, 2017

    Anime is Great...It's the Fans that Suck: the 80s.

    Here is the briefest of recaps from our last episode

    These two shows were it for a while because there was one ironclad rule of TV show syndication in those days. There had to be a minimum of sixty five episodes. If there was less than that the show didn't get distributed unless it was currently in production. Which is why you only got to see Space 1999 for two years but saw Star Trek for-ev-er.

    Okay stupid rules are still rules. Space Cruiser Yamato and Science Ninja Team Gatchaman easily qualified. But there were other better shows that couldn't.

    One of my commentors made the following (not too bad guess): 

    The Dark Shadows solution: spend five minutes recapping/retconning yesterday's episode, fifteen minutes bickering between family members, five minutes plot advancement to a cliffhanger. Preferably one with a shocked Barnabas, mouth agape.

    Shounen solution: give the hero two new powers. First and most important (to series length) is the "Internal Battle Commentator of Time Freeze". Every slight movement on the villain's part must be analyzed in detail and interpreted as an unbeatable strategy. All hope is lost! (for bonus points, arbitrarily assign a number as the strategy's strength) The second power, revealed twenty episodes into the fight, is the Deus Ex Machina that suddenly turns the tide, leading to the hero's victory (another twenty episodes later).

    As I said, not a bad guess but in this case it was wrong.  There was as it turned out an even simpler solution.  

    In the alien world of Los Angles you have to present a cover photo if you want to get a job as dental receptionist.  The Industry permeates every facet of life.  It's impossibly hard to get into the film business, yet it is conversely easy to get sucked in.  Of course it doesn't make sense, we are talking Hollywood here.  It so happened that a real estate company founded by an Egyptian called Harmony Gold suddenly found itself in the Japanese Cartoon business.  A lot of that business depends on personal connections and if you happen to know a buyer, it's easy to become seller...or at least a middle man.  Frank Agrama got around enough that his connections made selling anime doable.  

    And he had a great show that he could sell.  Super Dimension Fortress Macross.  The original company had gone to lot of trouble with this one.  The animation was a lot better than earlier shows, the storyline was more complex.   The problem as previously mentioned was the sixty five episode rule.  Super Dimension Fortress Macross had only 23 episodes.  With all the padding in the in the world the series couldn't be stretched to three times it's length.  So the guy that Agrama hired to script and record the English dub, Carl Macek, came up with novel solution to the problem.  He bought up two other anime series, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA.  

    Using some clever scripting editing, Macek created the massive Robotech saga that spanned three generations.  And the amazing thing is that it actually hung together.  I for one certainly bought into it hook, line and sinker.  I didn't find out that it was three separate shows until I was stationed in Japan.  I nearly concussed myself with forehead slapping, it was so obvious in retrospect. 

    The same trick was used for Voltron...but I never watched that one so I can't tell you if that one worked as well or not.

    Robotech still has a strong brand to this day.  The same, sadly, cannot be said for the man who made it what it is.  Carl Macek pretty much took the Japanese Cartoons out of Anime and introduced America to the grown up art form we know today.  

    Since I'm done for tonight due to last night.  We will pick this one back up in our next episode Anime is Great...It's the Fans that Suck: the 90s.

    Sargon: This Week in Brexit

    Apparently, the greatest mind in the known universe had some viral video out this week.  I didn't bother to watch it because this Richard Dawkins' video and Richard Dawkins in it. 

    Sargon however did and that this to say.