Friday, January 11, 2019

The Dark Herald Is Now Closed

I'm back from vacation and ready to start the new year way the hell after everyone else has.

First things things.

This Blog  is now closed.  I'll be leaving it up for a week and then thats it.  Goodbye Blogspot.

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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Catiline Solves the Immigration Crisis

We agree to continue to paying Illegals Welfare and EBT...

...but only if they leave the country.

I mean we are going to be paying them anyway. 

Why not pay them to stay away?

There is legal precedent for this.  Take a look at some of the Native American tribes of Canada.

This could work.

Cataline is a genius!

Doctor Who is the Future of Star Wars



There is currently an NPC campaign on twitter.

I'll let the Mary Sue tell you about it.

Today is the last Friday of the year, and also the last day that Twitter is featuring #SWRepMatters, a Twitter campaign designed to talk about representation in all forms in the Star Wars universe. This runs the gamut from racial and ethnic representation to sexuality to disabled rep, with each month focusing on a new identity. As the year comes to a close, the founders of the event have used today to talk about the ways in which Star Wars did right by rep this year, and where they still need to grow.

We’re a year out from Episode IX now, and none of the films have included a character who identifies as being part of the LGBT+ community. Fans have speculated about the character of Poe Dameron, played by Oscar Isaac, since he bit his lip and offered Finn (John Boyega) his jacket.

Who wants this crap?

Gays for the most part don't care about it.  Aside from the Gay activists who are professionally upset at everything, most of them just don't give a shit about ruining a beloved franchise.  They don't want more trouble.

So who does want this garbage, you ask?

Cataline answers: This is precisely the crowd that wants to ruin everything.

The clip below is a reaction to the hilariously stupid and awful ending to the terrible and unwanted sequel to Avatar; The Legend of Korra.  This is the shot that forever soiled everyone else's positive memories of Avatar.

As you can see we have six mentally unstable girls pretending to be so excited over this cartoon that they have actually worked themselves into tears and one Black guy who is so shocked at the idiocy of it all he had turn off his camera.  

So there you are, NPCs are drama-queen chicks doing their performance art for social media.  Plus the dweeby drama-queen guys that are hoping to impress them by publicly agreeing with them. 

How did it come to this? Is a bigger question.  And anyone who knows anything about Game, knows the answer.  Social media providing instant attention-gratification and the herd mentality of the female mind. Horse herds are a good analogy, while there is one stallion that is the leader of the herd as the Alpha Male.  There is always Alpha Female of the herd as well, she keeps the rest of the mares in line, she maintains discipline within the herd.

 It only takes one SJW Alpha Mare to act as a center of gravity and the rest of the girls gets in line.  No matter how bad of an idea it is.  That is far preferable to actually confronting the Alpha Mare.

Anyway, for the moment the down-slide brakes are on due to the disaster of The Last Jedi.  Disney is going to be in zero risks mode.  Sadly for Star Wars the kind of chicks we just saw on that clip are exactly the kinds of girls that Kathleen Kennedy brought on for the Story board at Lucasfilm.  While I am 100% certain the Kennedy is going to be fed to the wolves when Star Wars IX fails epically at the boxoffice (being the designated victim is the only reason Kennedy still has a paycheck).  That Story group isn't going anywhere and they all want the chance to virtue signal for their friends in New York. 

Since they clearly and obviously can't come up with any ideas other than, "hey lets make a prequel about this character from the only trilogy that everyone likes." They will continue to drive this cart into ground until the tires have been sold on Ebay. 

Once the fanbase falls below a critical number, they will be given the green light to start representing all over the place because the real fans are gone forever so who cares? This is the same issue that has destroyed Doctor Who.  Sure the press is still cheering deafeningly for Fake Doctor Who but only the most dedicated of NPCs can bring themselves to watch that boring crap.

Who will it be.  Who will be the first openly gay Star Wars character. Well sadly for Poe, Rose Tico has cucked him forever by stealing that very unwanted kiss from Finn.  Finn is her's now.

Nope, it's gonna be Luke Skywalker.  

After Star Wars IX tanks, the only thing they can do is just yell, fuck it!  Reset!  Then flat out remake the original trilogy with one Biggs difference.

The groundwork was already been laid.

Think about it.  Luke has shown almost zero interest in women in the movies (except for his sister).  Yet he clearly had a very close relationship with Big Darklighter.  Yeah they are gonna rename him Big, it's just a little more obvious that way.  

I mean look at him.  1970s Pornstache, check. Leather pants, check. Wearing a cape, check.  He is even called Big for crying out loud.  And remember how broken up Luke was when Big's fighter crashed into the Deathstar?

Yeah, it's gonna be Luke.

Somebody is gonna be pissed when she finds out.